King Princess Is Ready to Steal Your Girl in New Gap Ad

Clare Gillen
King Princess

Since her debut earlier this year, Mikaela Straus (known by her stage name King Princess) is quickly on her way to becoming a queer icon. The singer-songwriter has critical success with her debut song “1950,” along with her debut album Make My Bed racking up hundreds of millions of streams and over 40,000 followers on Twitter.

Now, the up-and-coming pop star is showing off her modeling talents in a new advertising campaign for American clothing line Gap. As part of their continued “Meet Me in the Gap” campaign, Gap invited Straus and a number of other rising stars to participate in their new set of ads, clearly aimed toward a younger audience.

Straus ended up sharing one of the videos on Twitter, adding that she was going for a very specific character in the video. “Look at me looking like I just stole your girl in this @gap video!” she tweeted. “Find me in their fall campaign alongside other people doing some good jush.”

The company launched their “Meet Me in the Gap” campaign back in September with the help of pop idol Cher and rapper Future performing a revamped cover of Sly & The Family Stone’s classic 1969 hit song “Everyday People” during a 30-second ad. Since then, Gap has been bringing in new artists and creators to participate in their ad campaign.

Watch Gap’s new ads, featuring King Princess, below: