Smoke Season Flaunt Their Bisexuality in 'Sweetest Thing' Music Video: Watch

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Natalie Neal
Smoke Season, "Sweetest Thing"

Indie pop duo Smoke Season believe that fluidity is the future. “As people who embrace blurred lines between masculinity [and] femininity, sexual orientation and monogamy, we wanted the ‘Sweetest Thing’ music video to be an exploration into all types of sexual fluidity,” the L.A.-based band, comprised of Gabby Wortman and Jason Rosen, tells Billboard in a statement.

The duo was especially passionate about putting male bisexuality on display, juxtaposing it against it’s tense relationship with toxic masculinity. “Bisexual people in general face a myriad of confusing erasures — with heteronormative culture often assuming we are gay for their same sex relationships but simultaneously being excluded from gay communities for our straight relationships,” the pair, who both identify as bisexual, explains. “This, coupled with one of the leading symptoms of toxic masculinity being homophobia, creates a culture where bisexual men often reject their own bisexuality.”

The video is a collaboration with fellow L.A. darlings Holychild. Lead singer Liz Nistico directed, edited, produced and choreographed the visual.

“We want audiences to see masculinity [and] femininity and sexual orientation as separate things,” Smoke Season explains. “LGBTQ men are still masculine. LGBTQ womxn are still feminine. And both are sexy.”

Check out the music video for “Sweetest Thing” below.