Decade of 'Drag Race': Tatianna Looks Back at Season 2

As part of our Decade of Drag Race week, we caught up with one queen from each season of the Emmy-award-winning series to reminisce about the show’s journey, share some never-been-told memories and throw shade where shade is due.

Below, we spill the tea with the queen of spoken word, Tatianna. Read all the interviews here.

Is there something that happened behind-the-scenes or off-camera that you’re surprised didn’t make the television edit?

I think the best moment that I wish was shown a little bit more was when we all had to sing live. We were all very nervous about it so we requested if, while we were getting ready, if we could drink. I’m pretty sure everyone except like one or two people were completely, like, shit-faced drunk. We were all drunk up there singing “Ladyboy.” There was a lot more drunk conversations that were had in the Interior Illusions lounge and there was a lot more drunken slurring and walking across that stage than they showed.

Since your season aired, what have you gotten tired of fans bringing up?

I wouldn’t say I get tired of it but people will be like, “Say ‘thank you.’” And then I’ll say, “Thank you.” And fans will be like, “That’s not how you said it before. You have to say it like this.” And I’m like, “Well, I’m the one who said it, so I’m gonna say it how I want to say it. But, yes, thank you.” [laughs] They want it put in the exact same diction as I had nine years ago and, like, that’s not a thing anymore but I respect it.

Has there been a starstruck moment since the season aired?

Having the opportunity to put out a perfume and an album and that type of stuff. It’s like, wow, I’ve done something kind of cool. Being able to do those things that you’d never thought you’d be able to do as a little kid, especially album and perfume. That’s a very like 2003-Britney-Spears move that I pulled in 2018 and I’m feeling very cute about it.

Which one queen have you grown the closest to since your season?

It’s a tie between Juju and Morgan, because I feel like I’ve seen them the most out of anyone from season 2. Me and Morgan weren’t the closest on the show. Our friendship grew afterwards but she is definitely one of my main people. I’ve stayed at her house a bunch of times. She’s super cool. And me and Juju have always been friends. Those are my go-to girls.

What’s one of the most overrated runway looks from your season?

I did not understand why it was so cool that Tyra went from her knees to standing up and how that was like a magical moment. It was something on the Wedding Day challenge that none of us quite got. We were all like, “She just jumped from her knees to her feet. Okay. What else?” It wasn’t even the look. It was just Ru gagging over that one move. And I was like, “Oh, okay. Work.”

Did the right person win?

Oh no! No, and I’m not saying that just to be a bitch or because of recent situations between me and homegirl -- nothing to do with that. And if anyone from season 2 acts like they did not agree, that’s a lie. We all had conversations saying that it probably should’ve been Raven. That’s not a new thing. That’s a thought process that’s been around since 2009. I left like two days before they crowned the winner and I called Juju on the day that they all got released and I was like, “So? Who won?” She told me. I was like, “Um…” And she was like, “Yep, should’ve been Raven.”

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