Decade of 'Drag Race': Jiggly Caliente Looks Back at Season 4

As part of our Decade of Drag Race week, we caught up with one queen from each season of the Emmy-award-winning series to reminisce about the show’s journey, share some never-been-told memories and throw shade where shade is due.

Below, we spill the tea with "New York's plus-size Barbie" Jiggly Caliente from season 4. Read all the interviews here.

Is there something that happened behind-the-scenes or off-camera that you’re surprised didn’t make the television edit?

Well, the first episode when me and Lashauwn [Beyond] were fighting, all of a sudden there was all this security in the room. It was so awkward. We were just talking. We were verbally arguing. I don’t know what they thought was gonna happen but I was like, “Why are there all these extra dudes in here all of a sudden? What is going on?” That fight looked so much bigger than what it was and it was literally done later on that night at dinner. Like Lashauwn was like, “We good?” And I was like, “Yeah, we good.” It was so simple. On TV, it looked so much bigger than what it really was and that was really funny to me.

Since your season aired, what have you gotten tired of fans bringing up?

Not that I’m tired of it, but it’s everywhere. I could be in the bathroom at the airport and people could be like, “May I call you Jiggly?” Seriously! I cannot even take a piss without something being like, “May I call you Jiggly?” To this day, and it has been what? Six years? Really, dude? Damn. It is funny -- I’ll give it that much. It’s cute. It’s catchy. I’ll admit it, but not in the bathroom. C’mon. I remember because it was in Atlanta and I was like, “You didn’t even wash your hands yet and you’re like, ‘May I call you Jiggly? Can I take a picture?’”

Has there been a starstruck moment since the season aired?

I am huge fan of the Vampire Diaries. So, in the airport at LAX, I saw Kat Graham, who plays Bonnie. I went up to her and was like, “Oh my God. I’m a huge fan. I love your show, and I think you are the best witch that has ever been on television.” Then, she replies, “May I call you Jiggly? I love you.” I lost my mind. Seriously. Also, here in the Philippines, I didn’t realize how big drag queens were until I came last year. The love and support the fans give even my second time around. Completely packed 800-people venues. I am so happy that it’s so huge here and the love that you get from the fans is incredible.

Which one queen have you grown the closest to since your season?

Phi Phi [O’Hara] has been my best friend from this show. After we wrapped, me and Phi Phi got close. We became the closest of friends. Outside of the season though, I would say Ginger [Minj] is the closest, after Phi Phi and Manila [Luzon]. Those three specifically I am super close to and I think they are the best gift that Drag Race has given me, specifically Phi Phi and Ginger because I wouldn’t have known them outside of my world in New York. They are the best people in the planet. People can say whatever they want about Phi Phi but she has a heart of gold. She truly means well. I don’t think the show gave her human side any justice. Ginger is one of the sweetest people ever, and Manila I’ve known since forever. If anyone wants to blame why I was on Drag Race, they can go and blame Manila because it was Manila’s fault. She was the one that forced the situation to happen. So, if anyone wants to blame Jiggly on Drag Race, blame Manila Luzon.

Is there a lip-sync-for-your-life decision you would’ve changed if you were in Ru’s shoes?

I wish they would’ve given me a hip-hop song in my lip-sync against Willam. They gave me the most country bumpkin song and I was like, “Are you kidding me?” I was saying, “This is how they’re gonna get rid of me. A country song. This is the only way they’re gonna get rid of me.” They gave me two dance songs and I sent home girls. Then, they gave me one country bumpkin song and I thought, “There I go. This is my demise.”

Did the right person win?

Oh my God, Sharon would kill me. I can’t. I’m afraid she’ll come after me. No, really, I think Sharon deserved to win. Looking back, Sharon was so fresh -- she still is. There’s no other winner like Sharon. She had kind of broke through on Drag Race where it was acceptable to have different forms of drag. Sharon was the winner to kick the door open and say that there is more than just glamour and beauty. There’s so much more to drag than being a pretty, pretty princess. Sharon was that girl. She deserved it.


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