Country Crooner Brandon Stansell Enlists Eureka O'Hara For Charming 'For You' Video: Premiere

Brandon Stansell
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Brandon Stansell

Singer-songwriter Brandon Stansell has released the music video to his bright, love-laced track “For You,” starring RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist Eureka O’Hara.

Premiering on Billboard today (July 24), the music video follows a playful, love-at-first-sight storyline with Stansell teaching O’Hara to see her own beauty, transforming her into an even fiercer version of herself now confident enough to approach her newfound crush.

Co-writing with MYLEN, the singer shares that the two were inspired to make something that encapsulated “all the light” their romantic partners bring into their lives.

“My boyfriend is the best person I know and the only person I know who smiles with his entire face,” Stansell tells Billboard. “He makes me think, he makes me smile and he is the person I am most excited to see everyday. I feel lucky to call him my friend and partner."

Fresh of the tenth season of Drag Race, O’Hara plays the apex of the video’s love triangle, eventually finding her way back to Stansell’s character who inspires her self-confidence.

“I love working with Brandon and his team,” O’Hara adds. “The energy is incredible and full of family spirit. They make you feel happy and like a star. I felt respected and able to push my creativity with this project. I’m so excited to be apart of a country artist trying to involve more members of the LGBTQ spectrum.”

For Stansell, it’s been an uphill battle fronting the adverse responses from calling attention to his queerness within a musical genre that he sees underserve minority artists firsthand.

“Unless you're a straight white male, you are a minority in country music, and I think that's crazy,” Stansell says. “There is so much good country music out there that doesn't get played for reasons that have nothing to do with the music being produced -- whether it’s music from women or LGBTQ artists. I am not sure what it will take to turn the tide, but I don't mind being the storm.”

Watch the video below: