Monét X Change Set to Appear on ABC Hidden Camera Show 'What Would You Do?'

Monet X Change
Krista Schlueter

Monet X Change photographed on March 21, 2018 at TRL Studios in New York.

With the season finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race airing Thursday night (June 28) and her performance at The Vixen’s Black Girl Magic show in Chicago, season 10 contestant Monét X Change already has had a very busy week. But the comedy queen from New York City has yet another gig that she found time for — a guest appearance on ABC’s What Would You Do?

The premise of the show is simple — a crew sets up hidden cameras in a public space, creates a fake, typically upsetting scenario, and watches how everyday people will react when they don’t know that they’re being watched. The show’s host, ABC news correspondent John Quiñones, typically steps in at the end of each segment to interview the bystanders.

On a new episode airing Friday (June 29), one of the scenarios portrayed on the show will involve a drag queen meeting their parents for lunch dressed in full drag, making their parents initially embarrassed. While Monét won’t be the queen acting out the scenario, she will be waiting behind-the-scenes, likely ready to talk to unsuspecting bystanders about how they reacted.

Monét had a long running stint on season 10 of Drag Race, making it to the top six contestants before ultimately being eliminated in shocking fashion by Tennessee queen and finalist Kameron Michaels. She, along with the rest of her eliminated season 10 sisters, will make an appearance on tonight's finale episode.

Other scenarios portrayed on this week’s episode of What Would You Do? involve a waitress dealing with harassment from a customer, people stealing from a tip jar at a deli and a woman inadvertently turning a coffee shop into her own personal office.

Watch Monét X Change on What Would You Do? Friday, June 29 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.