The 10 Most Shocking Moments From the 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 10 Reunion

Leading up to the annual reunion episode, RuPaul’s Drag Race promised fans more drama, tears and laughs than they saw all season. Asia O’Hara told Billboard in an interview that the reunion was going to be filled with the queens of season 10 keeping it 100 percent real with one another. “There is a grand and great opportunity for everyone to say and to get anything off their chest,” she said. “You see a lot of conflict revisited and some of it resolved.”

Turns out, Asia was right: The reunion episode was filled with plenty of gag-worthy revelations, along with some touching moments, a few good laughs and one shocking exit. The queens held nothing back when faced with unquestionable scrutiny from RuPaul and their fellow sisters.

In honor of the show’s penultimate episode, here are Billboard Pride’s picks for the 10 most shocking moments from the Drag Race season 10 reunion.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo Revealed the Moment She Knew ‘Miss Vanjie’ Had Taken Off

Only one queen has remained on everyone’s lips since her initial exit from the show — Miss Vanjie. The queen said that while at first she was simply focused on getting gigs while she could, her perspective shifted at a show in Denver, when fans were screaming her catchphrase and throwing cookies on the stage. “I was ducking and dodging cookies, and I felt the love even though I felt like they were trying to attack me,” she said. She also clapped back when Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams tried to read her for leaving the show so early. “At least I have a catchphrase, who are you again?” she squealed.

Monét X Change’s Fake-Out Jump Split Was Not Planned

By far one of the best lip-sync moments of the season was when Monét X Change leapt into the air while performing to Nicki Minaj’s “Pound the Alarm,” only to land solidly on her feet, faking the audience out from what they thought was a jump-split. But the queen was asked if she planned that moment, she said she didn’t. “It was just in the moment,” she said. “I was like, ‘Dusty might do some crazy-ass shit that sends my raggedy-ass home … I need to really turn it out and do something crazy.” Judging by the fan response, she certainly didn’t disappoint.

Miz Cracker and Aquaria Resolved That Makeup Argument Behind-the-Scenes

Going into the start of season 10, a fight that fans thought would dominate the rest of the season was Aquaria feeling Miz Cracker had stolen her looks. But after episode two, the topic was hardly ever brought back up. That’s because after everything that went down in the Werk Room between the two and The Vixen, Aquaria revealed that she pulled Cracker aside to try and bury the hatchet. Cracker added that while they didn’t “Vixen it out” — they didn’t yell and argue — they also didn’t kiss and makeup. “What we agreed on was that was ugly,” she said. “We agreed that we did not want this to be a part of our story.”

Dusty Ray Bottoms Revealed What Actually Happens in Conversion Therapy

For a season filled with drama and hilarious moments, there were also a number of heartbreaking stories told on the show — one of those came from Dusty Ray Bottoms, who said that his parents put him through gay conversion therapy when he was a teenager. At the reunion, Dusty further explained what conversion therapy actually was. “Conversion therapy is a cleanse and a confession,” he said. “You go through this process where you have to list every person you’ve had a seual experience with, and it’s just this very humiliating process.” RuPaul revealed that even as the show’s host and producer, when he saw Dusty’s story aired, he wept.

Monique Heart Broke Down Talking About the Ministry of Drag

Dusty wasn’t the only one who struggled to talk about religion at the reunion. Monique Heart broke down crying at one point when speaking about her own faith. She said that while she loves and believes in God, she hates seeing people like Dusty having to go through so much “bullshit” in order to become “their most authentic selves.” She retold a story of a dance party she attended at Hamburger Mary’s, where she saw a young black kid wanted to dance on the stage. “I told him ‘Know that you are loved and you are so worth it, go twirl,’” she said through tears. “I wanted to be that boy,  but I couldn’t be that boy. So to be in a day and age where they can, it was all worth it.”

Cracker Clapped Back at Asia O’Hara for Her ‘Not a Star’ Comment

When Miz Cracker walked out of the competition, she left with a hefty chip on her shoulder from Asia telling her that she was “not a star.” Cracker confronted Asia about it at the reunion, saying that she was haunted by Asia’s words because she had been trying to prove her detractors wrong all season. “I came here only to be a star and to show people that I was not less than,” she said. “That was something I was already telling myself, and you opened it in me.” Asia went on to apologize, saying that it wasn’t right for her to say something like that to her sister. Cracker forgave her, but only on one condition: “This time you made a mistake, fine. Not next time, bitch.”

The Queens Came After Kameron Michaels for Being Unfriendly

Throughout season 10, Kameron Michaels has remained constantly quiet and shy on the show. But the queens, starting with Monique Heart and eventually moving to others like Monét X Change and Dusty Ray Bottoms, called out Kameron for being bubbly and outgoing on social media and at shows, but quiet and unfriendly when around her fellow queens. While Kameron said that on the show she was simply intimidated by the other girls, Dusty said that doesn’t mean she had to be that way during the show’s premiere press week. “Everyone here will walk into a room and say hello to each other, or ‘Sis, how you been?’ I can’t even turn Kameron’s head when I walk in,” she said. “After that weekend, I told myself I’m not wasting any more energy.”

The Vixen Walked Out

While it may not be surprising to some that the most shocking moment of the evening came from The Vixen, no one could have predicted exactly what went down. While excruciatingly rehashing the fight between Eureka and The Vixen, RuPaul started grilling the queen on her confrontational personality, saying that she had the ability to just say nothing. The Vixen continued to disagree, and eventually decided that her point was not getting across. She collected herself, saying “I came here to thank my fans for all of the love and support that they gave me, for all of the wonderful people who relate to me, understand me and appreciate me.” Standing up, she finished by saying “Now that I’ve done that, y’all can have a good night,” and walking off of the stage. Both the queens and RuPaul himself were left shocked on the stage.

Asia O’Hara Got Into a Fight with RuPaul

Perhaps the only moment more dramatic than The Vixen’s surprise exit was Asia O’Hara’s raw argument with RuPaul about whether or not it was right to let The Vixen walk out. Asia repeatedly claimed that The Vixen was crying out for help, at one point saying through tears “Here we are filming during Pride season, and we let one of our sister walk out the fucking room because nobody wants to fucking help her.” RuPaul responded in kind, eventually raising his voice, saying that The Vixen needed to learn to deal with life better. “Look at me, I come from the same goddamn place she comes from,” he yelled. “Do you see me walking out?” With Asia weeping and RuPaul seething, this was easily the most intense moment of the night.