Maren Morris: Love Letter to the LGBTQ Community

Maren Morris
Photo: John Shearer

Maren Morris

For Gay Pride Month, Billboard asked numerous pop culture luminaries to write "love letters" to the LGBTQ community. Below, country music singer Maren Morris shares hers. Read more Pride Month love letters here.

I remember falling in love with musical theater when in my freshman year of high school, our drama department put on Seussical the Musical for the fall musical. I auditioned and shockingly got one of the lead roles. I had to play a boy, but didn’t mind because I was the only freshman who got a lead part amongst all the upperclassmen. I remember meeting the other leads and thinking "God, all these seniors are so talented and so sure of themselves." I wanted to emulate them. Back then, I had a small concept of what "gay" was, but it honestly never taught my brain to think differently of them. They were my friends in drama and we would have so much fun together after school, on stage, making each other laugh with terrible impressions.

One of my favorite experiences from my headline tour last year was getting to really see who my fans were and where they’ve come from. The LGBTQ community was so embracing of me and I felt this precious responsibility to be a voice in country music for them, because it’s a genre that historically has not. In 2018, things are changing. Walls are coming down, tolerance has turned to acceptance and incandescent support. However many revolutions we get around the sun, we’re all here to love and be loved. Happy pride month!

Gay Pride Month 2017