After Her 'Drag Race' Elimination, Miz Cracker Gets Real About Asia O'Hara's Critique, the Fans & More

On Thursday night’s (June 7) episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the five remaining queens were tasked with what may have been the show’s most personal challenge yet. After making dragged-up pancakes for a mini challenge, the queens were asked to present two runway looks to the judges — one that represented their true, positive self, and an “evil twin," their inner antagonist telling them they’re not good enough.

After presenting twinning looks on the runway, Aquaria was granted a win for her fashionable outfits and well-acted voiceover, making her the only queen currently on the season with three wins. Kameron Michaels found herself in the bottom for the third time in a row, along with Miz Cracker, who won last week’s challenge. Lip-syncing to the Prince-produced Vanity 6 bop “Nasty Girl,” Kameron managed to find her way out of the bottom in a shock twist, ultimately sending fan-favorite Cracker packing.

Miz Cracker spoke with Billboard the day after her elimination aired, addressing Asia O’Hara’s comment that she “wasn’t a star,” having an active fan base, her drag family members' Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change’s Twitter beef with Azealia Banks, and more.

How are you feeling after watching your elimination last night?

Girl, today, I am feeling ready to move on into the future. But yesterday, I came back into my hotel room, grabbed on to the furniture and ugly cried until I choked on my own spit. Like, let's not mince words — Asia wouldn't — I was top 5, but I was also bottom ten. I did not win a competition, I lost a competition. So I have to be clear with myself about that, and be prepared to win in the real world in a bigger way.

I wanted to ask about the drama inside your drag family earlier this week when Monét and Bob got into a spat with Azealia Banks on Twitter. What was your reaction to that whole situation with Azealia, RuPaul and everyone else?

You know, RuPaul has an incredibly powerful business, and so do Monét and Bob. I am frankly not involved in either of those businesses, so I don't really know what happened and I don't really have an opinion. Yeah, I only heard whisperings about it yesterday — I never see Bob, I rarely see Monét, and I still don't really understand what was happening there.

That's understandable. So on the runway, when asked who should go home, Asia said that she didn't think you were a star, and you said in Untucked that you were hurt by that. Does that comment haunt you, and have you had time to speak with Asia about that since then?

Girl, we're about to! Every season there is a reunion episode, and Asia is going to find herself face-to-face with the saltiest Cracker available in the grocery store. You know, as a queen, it is so painful, and so hurtful to see another queen ... be statistically so wrong. Like, it's so hurtful to me to see Asia be so far behind me in social media following and the reception of the American public. I just have so much sympathy for her right now, and I hope that we can mend things, and that I can maybe give her a hand after the reunion when we work things out. I'll be like, "Asia, this is how you get to create relatable drag," and maybe she'll have some more ticket sales.

Well your fans are certainly the most active and fervent of the other queens on this season.

Oh I know! So many of my fans can spell!

[Laughs] What have been the upsides and downsides to having such a strong fanbase throughout the season?

I feel my fans' support all of the time, that has been so wonderful every step of the way. I mean, I don't think anyone would say different.

Have they ever gone too far? I saw your tweet where you were asking fans to not send hate to any of the other queens.

Oh no. I think that every fan base has some angry and hateful comments that come out of it, and I just don't want to encourage that. Like, if my sisters stumble, let them do it themselves. There's no reason for me or any of my fans to sabotage anybody. If I win in this world, I want to do it because I did something great, not because I cut somebody else down. And it's not because I'm a nice person, it's just because it's a matter of pride. I want to win on my own.

I've been watching your "Review With a Jew" recaps on YouTube, and I think they're hilarious. You started doing them during All Stars 3; what was it like to recap the show then and now, knowing everything that you know about what goes on behind the scenes?

I totally had post-traumatic stress disorder while watching All Stars 3! I felt like I was in the room with them. First of all, it gave me so much more sympathy for the girls, but then it also allowed me to say, "Hey, I was there, I know you can do better." You know what I mean? I felt more justified in saying, "Listen, I did this too, c'mon bitch. You could have given a little bit more effort to this," and saying that from a place of knowledge, instead of just being a fan who was like, "Well if I were there, I would have been better!" You know?

Absolutely. Before you go, we've been asking the queens this season — if you had to pick one queen from New York, who would you say was your favorite local queen in the city?

Kizha Carr and Tina Burner, those are the two most powerful queens in New York City, and I don't think anyone can deny that. They are royalty. They run this city for a damn reason — because they're on coke [laughs]. No, I'm kidding!