'Drag Race' Queen Jasmine Masters Explains What 'Jush' Means: Watch

She's Jasmine Masters, and she's got something to say. For RuPaul's Drag Race fans wondering what exactly Masters means when she says her iconic catchphrase "jush," Billboard Pride has got you covered. The Season 7 queen took some time to define the word, explaining that it’s all about “self-love."

“You know who you are,” she says. “You love yourself, that’s all that matters. And once you get that, you have your jush.”

She also says that “jush” is also a great fill-in word. “It’s a good word just to fill in when you don’t want everybody to know your business,” Masters adds. “Like you would see a guy, ‘Hey jush, he is cute, huh, jush? Yeah, jush!’ Just use the damn word.”

“Jush is nothing bad,” she continues. “Use your fuckin jush! Share your jush. Spread your jush. Clean your jush. Douche your jush. Fuck that jush. Just get your god damn jush!”

You can watch Jasmine Masters’ “jush” tutorial above.