Kim Petras Responds To Backlash After Joining Troye Sivan's Tour: 'I'm Sorry to Anyone That I Upset'

Kim Petras
Charlotte Rutherford

Kim Petras

On Wednesday (May 30), Troye Sivan announced that he would be embarking on a 27-city North American tour, beginning September 21 in Irving, TX. Titled The Bloom Tour, it was also announced that he would be joined by pop starlet Kim Petras, frequent collaborator Leland and alt-pop singer Carlie Hanson.

While fans expressed excitement for the tour, some questioned whether the inclusion of Petras was appropriate given controversial statements she made in a Q&A with Interview. In the piece, she defended collaborating with producer Dr. Luke, saying, “As I know him, he’s been really great and supportive to me and I’ve been learning a lot from him. He’s been a really nice person and I wasn’t there when that whole thing [with Kesha] went down, but from my experience he’s a great guy and I’ve been having a good time working with him.”

After seeing backlash to the tour announcement, Petras took to Twitter to release a statement.

“While I’ve been open and honest about my positive experience with Dr. Luke, that does not negate or dismiss the experience of others or suggest that multiple perspectives cannot exist at once," Petras wrote. "I didn’t communicate this clearly in the past."

She added that after seeing the reaction to her involvement on Sivan’s tour, she learned the effect of her past comments. She also acknowledged that her tourmate has “always worked hard to create a safe, open and celebratory environment for his shows.”

Read Petras’ full statement below.