Hayley Kiyoko & Kehlani Run Off Into the Sunset Together in Epic 'What I Need' Video

Hayley Kiyoko kehlani What I Need
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Hayley Kiyoko ft. Kehlani "What I Need"

Rising pop star Hayley Kiyoko and her fans have deemed this year as #20GayTeen for a reason. Along with the mainstream success of multiple queer artists including Kiyoko, the "Curious" singer has released her debut album Expectations, which takes an honest look at the star’s own sexual freedom while providing a number of pop jams.

Today (May 31), #20GayTeen continues in full force with Kiyoko’s new video for her song “What I Need,” featuring fellow queer pop singer Kehlani. The video follows the two as young lovers running away together, hitchhiking, dealing with creepy truckers and eventually making out on the side of the road.

The video, like Kiyoko’s other music videos to date, acts almost as a narrative short film directed by the pop star herself. The opening shows Kehlani packing her things up in her home while she and her aunt yell at one another about who the girl is that Kehlani is meeting up with. “You think I’m fucking stupid and I don’t know that that’s more than just a best friend?” her aunt yells. Kehlani claps back, shouting “Can I be me? I’m my own fucking person, why does it always have to turn into [something] about her?”

In a deeply troubling moment of the video, after their car breaks down and the two stowaway in the bed of a pickup truck, Kiyoko and Kehlani are confronted by the driver, who creepily offers them a ride. Kehlani is quick to get in, while Kiyoko stands outside begging her not to go. Even though Kehlani leaves with the driver, she is soon back, running back down the highway into Kiyoko’s arms.

The video comes as Kiyoko is embarks on the second leg of her North American “Expectations Tour.” After the tour concludes, Kiyoko is teaming up with Panic! at the Disco for their “Pray for the Wicked” arena tour, the first arena tour Kiyoko has ever performed in.

Watch the full video for “What I Need” below.