'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 10, Ep. 6: DragCon Challenge Puts Frontrunners on the Chopping Block

RuPaul's Drag Race season 10
Courtesy of VH1

A scene from RuPaul's Drag Race season 10.

On Thursday (April 26) night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, fans of the show who haven’t taken their stanship off the couch and into real life got a taste of what RuPaul’s DragCon is like, with the remaining nine queens being challenged to put on informative/entertaining three-queen panels on body-ody-ody, face and hair. One of the teams soared, one of them sunk, and the other was just kind of there. With power couple Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon as guest judges and Diana Ross’ beyond LGBTQ iconic “I’m Coming Out” soundtracking the lip sync that sadly saw us say toodles to Blair St. Clair, it was an interesting episode to say the least. Here’s what Joe Lynch and Stephen Daw thought of it.

Joe: DragCon! I gotta say, I was nervous about this challenge. I feel like conventions are so odd -- like, they’re fun to attend, but you would never in a million years watch video footage of a convention, so why would you want to watch it during an episode of Drag Race? That being said, 2/3 groups proved my fears unwarranted. But then that other one….wooooooof. When a sharp wit like Miz Cracker’s is flailing around like a fish gasping for air (or maybe like a fish from the Sitting on a Secret mini challenge), you know things have gone awry. I think the problem honestly was the lack of a moderator. Like, you can’t sit three drag queens down and have then start talking -- you need a wrangler. I felt so bad for them, but also felt bad for myself for having to endure that CringeCon 2018.

Stephen: First of all, when it comes to “never in a million years" watching DragCon panels — I am 100 percent guilty of having watched YouTube clips of queens doing panels at DragCon. But that being said, I agree, this was such a weirdly specific challenge, and while I definitely feel like Cracker, Blair and Vixen were the worst group, I didn’t feel like any one group totally *nailed* it. Because how can you? You’re trying to be funny and informative, but also interactive and engaging, etc. I personally felt that the bottom two was incorrect, but that was based on a technicality. I think when you look at the performances and the runways, it should have been Vixen vs. Cracker. I know Cracker was trying to give us Eliza Doolittle realness, but to me personally, it was very Eliza Don’t-Little.

Joe: You get fired for that pun. But also I secretly love it, so you’re rehired. Yeah I could have seen Cracker in the bottom, but I’m sure Ru couldn’t risk the chance that she would Valentina the lip sync and go home too early. I agree, a hat out of hair is an achievement, but it’s not the kind of thing I want to look at. And while I thought the Eureka-led panel was a hoot, the other one got a little lost, too. When Aquaria and Asia were doing their makeup tips and ping-ponging back and forth, it was awkward and certainly not entertaining. But re: the bottom two….I think the right choices were made. I really did want to see more of Blair, but she did nothing to help the group in that challenge and while her runway look was fierce AF, you get major demerits in my book for getting steamrolled in a challenge. Better to (as Michelle said) swing and miss than never pick up the bat. But the lip sync -- I thought Blair did a fantastic job. Her lips were tuned to every syllable, and she sold the hell out of a song that came out like 25 years before she was born. I could have seen a double save tbh.

Stephen: This was such a hard lip sync for me to watch — I am a Vixen stan at this point. Nothing she does is wrong or bad in my eyes, and I don’t ever want to see her in the bottom two ever again. But after everything that Blair opened up about on that runway, especially her experience with sexual assault, I couldn’t help but feel so bad that she was having to lip sync that week. And you’re totally right! She used that emotion to fuel this lip sync, and it worked so well. I was extremely disappointed that she left, but I also would have been so disappointed if Vixen left. As for the winner of the week, I. Have. THOUGHTS. Eureka is having her little redemption arc, and that’s amazing, I love seeing a big girl represent. But look me in the eye and tell me that in terms of runway execution and challenge performance that Monét X Change did not BRING IT this week! She was so good during the panel, and I feel like she was the reason that “proportionizing” banshee scream worked in the first place. And that preacher’s wife dress was so extra and such a clever way to take on the idea of a hat runway. No shade to my queen Eureka, but I felt like this was Monét’s week.

Joe: Oh God yes, Monet’s outfit was doing laps around Eureka’s houndstooth. I mean, Eureka was the star of the panel, but Monet was a 9 out of 10 on the panel and a solid 11 out of 10 on the runway. And the way she sold that runway look? Incredible. I’m still so uncertain about who the top 3 will be. Like obviously Eureka is on a roll, but I don’t see her as a lock for top 3. And I’m wondering when Monet is going to get her due -- like Cracker, I feel like she could take the lead at any moment. Or maybe I’m crazy? Special shoutout to Aquaria, too. The rabbit runway look was a risk, and I was living for that Bunny-meets-Liza lewk. I was Sally Bowled over by it.

Stephen: Oh ok, so I say Eliza Don’t-Little and get fired, but you get to throw that pun in there uncontested? I don’t think so henny. Are you so super excited for Snatch Game next week? I have one thing and one thing only that I want to see, and it is this — The Vixen, donning a short, yellow wig and a black-and-white top, screaming at her fellow contestants at the top of her lungs “WHAT WAS THE REASON, BITCH?!” Cardi B x Vixen is what I need in my life, and if she doesn’t deliver, I’m going to seriously reconsider my stanship (and by seriously reconsider I mean continue stanning, we stan forever). Who would you want to see?

Joe: I feel like Miz Cracker doing Iris Apfel would be bizarre and funny. But honestly if she brought back Dr. Dill, I wouldn’t complain. I cannot wait for Snatch Game, it’s honestly like Gay Christmas.


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