Adam Rippon Welcomed by Cher to Time's List of 2018's 100 Most Influential People: 'He Dares To Be Different'

Adam Rippon has been a force for kindness and hilarity over the last few months. Since qualifying, competing and medalling at the 2018 Winter Olympics, the openly gay figure skater has been making headlines not only for his charming personality, but for his advocacy on behalf of the LGBTQ.

While it was no surprise that Rippon was included in Time magazine’s annual list of the year’s 100 Most Influential People, what did come as a shock was who wrote the short piece about Rippon’s impact on our culture: Cher.

That’s right, the pop icon herself wrote a few words for Time about Rippon’s infectious personality, saying that his impact goes far beyond athletics. “He isn’t just a beautiful skater. He has humility, grace and an incredible sense of humor,” she wrote.

The “Turn Back Time” singer continued, talking about Rippon’s daring decision to be unapologetically himself at all times, specifically referencing his leather-harness suit he wore to the 2018 Academy Awards. “It wasn’t about the suit, really. It was about the fact that he dares to be different in a world where being different always comes with a cost,” she wrote, adding her official review of the outfit; “I thought it was fabulous, of course.”

Most importantly, Cher pointed out that by simply being himself, Rippon is providing an example of queer excellence for young people around the world. “When I was young, I had no role models — everyone looked like Sandra Dee and Doris Day,” she said. “There was nobody who made me think, Oh, I could be like them. They represent me. Adam shows people that if you put blood, sweat and tears into what you’re doing, you can achieve something that’s special.”

Naturally, Twitter classified this story as a Category 5 Gay Hurricane™:

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