'American Idol:' Watch Drag Queen Ada Vox Hit Gravity-Defying High Notes in a Duet With Lea Michele

ada vox lea michele
ABC/Eric McCandless

Ada Vox and Lea Michele perform on American Idol.

Drag queen Ada Vox is having the time of her life. When Vox first appeared as a boy under his given name Adam Sanders on season 12 of American Idol, he wasn’t able to make his way past Hollywood Week. But now the knockout glamorous singer, dressed in full drag every time she appears on screen, has secured a spot in the Top 14 of season 16.

Vox’s position is thanks in large part to her stunning performance on Sunday night. Joined on stage by Glee alum Lea Michele for a duet, the two belted their way through a rendition of “Defying Gravity,” the show-stopping act one closer from Wicked.

Michele shined, as always, but Vox’s ability to effortlessly flow between a low harmony and a belted high note impressed the judges, as usual. “Let me tell you something: a star is born,” said judge Lionel Richie.

The judges weren’t the only ones who were impressed. Michele sang the praises of getting to work with Vox immediately after their performance was finished. “I didn’t have to do anything!” the Glee star exclaimed, when asked how she coached Vox. “This voice is out of control, and getting to sing with someone of that vocal caliber was a real honor.”

Even beyond the show, Vox was universally praised for her stunning performance. Michelle Visage, one of the judges on RuPaul’s Drag Race, went as far as to offer the queen some help for the competition: “Miss fabulosa Ada Vox, my glam team and I want to give you the makeover of life for American Idol finals,” she wrote. “YOU INSPIRE US ALL. What do you say?”

The queen took almost no time to answer. “Ummmm #Duh please and thank you... I just died a little inside…” Vox wrote on Twitter.