Carson Kressley & Kristine W Dish on Their Favorite Duos, Talk New Stage Show 'Stand Up With a Twist'

Kristine W and Carson Kressley

Kristine W and Carson Kressley  

Some things just go together: peanut butter and jelly, Simon and Garfunkel, hot sauce and Beyoncé’s bag, etc. Now there’s another pair to add to that list: fashion expert and comedian Carson Kressley and dance singer-songwriter Kristine W.

The two are working together on their new stage show, Stand Up With a Twist, which will be touring the country this year. The show consists of both of the stars performing stand-up comedy and musical numbers, while getting comfortable with the audience. “It's a night of great music and comedy in a space that feels like you're in your living room, with a couple hundred strangers,” Kressley tells Billboard.

Carson and Kristine have performed the show twice now -- once in New York and in Pennsylvania. Kristine said that working with Carson has been a dream thanks to his willingness to try new things. “He will try anything, he is fearless,” she says. “I love to work with people who don't go ‘Oh, I can't.’ Carson always says, ‘Here, I'll give it a go.’ It's so much fun.”

Carson added that the key to a good partnership is that each brings something different to the table. “I think when you work with a counterpart and they bring out the best in you, that's such a wonderful thing,” he says. “That's what happens with me and Kristine. She took me from mediocre to slightly better than mediocre!”

Seeing that Kristine and Carson are a newly-minted celebrity duo, Billboard Pride asked the two stars to name some of their favorite pairings of all time.

Favorite Celebrity Couple

Kristine: I think Will and Jada Smith are kinda my favorite. They've maintained their hotness for like, such a long time. They're super hot and sexy, you can tell that they're still into each other, and who knows what's really going on behind the scenes. But let me tell you, they have done that Hollywood couple fronting better than any couple that I have ever known in keeping the train on the tracks. I admire that.

Carson: My favorite celebrity couple is definitely me & Pinot Grigio. It's lasted through the years.

Favorite Musical Duo

Carson: It's a little random, but it kind of plays into my love of music, which people are surprised about. I do love a lot of country music, and I think that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are a really amazing couple. I really hope I don't jinx it and they split tomorrow, but they are really nice and they are cool, and I love that they work together.

Kristine:  Well I think now that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are together, I think we are gonna see some things come out of those two. I don't know what it's going to be, but it'll definitely be some interesting music. Yeah, it'll be something crazy, I don't know!

Favorite Food & Wine Pairing

Kristine: Oh god, champagne with anything?

Carson: I like wine without food!

Kristine: We're just a couple of lushes, man.

Carson: I do like a Sauvignon Blanc with some sushi though. It's very healthy, they tell me.

Kristine: I like pinot noir with pretty much anything, though I prefer it with fish. But I will drink it with anything and it automatically improves the meal.

Favorite Set of Twins

Carson: Mine would definitely be the Olsen twins, because they're so kooky and reclusive, but they actually do have really amazing fashion taste. I love them!

Kristine: Oh, I like those design brothers, you know, those two brothers that are hot? What are their names? I'd love to get right in the middle of that.

Carson: Oh, the Property Brothers, yeah!

Kristine: God, just put me right in the middle of that cookie, I'm good. Dancing with those two? Yes, sir.

Favorite Color Combination

Kristine: Well you're a design person, Carson, so yours will be more sophisticated than mine, I would think.

Carson: No, I don't think so, have you seen some of my outfits? I mean, I like a lot of intense color on color, and I think because we're coming into spring and everything has been so gray and dreary and cold, now I'm wanting to wear aqua and coral together at the same time.

Kristine: Yeah, I get that. I'm doing my bedroom over in peach and maroon. I know it sounds so boring, but it's really stunning and beautiful. Of course all of my gay boyfriends advised me on that, so I really can't take credit for that or pretty much anything in my life.