'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 10, Ep. 4: Climate Change, Nicki Minaj Lip Sync & More

Rupauls Drag Race
Courtesy of VH1

Monet X Change and Dusty Ray Bottoms on RuPaul's Drag Race.

On Thursday (April 12) night's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, we were treated to the 'three looks, one runway' challenge very early in the season, which meant we watched as 11 queens trotted out a whopping 33 looks on the runway – all themed (vaguely) around climate change. If RuPaul's purpose was to throw a queer Masque of the Red Death-styled final party before humanity meets its bitter end, well, mission accomplished.

From the jaw-dropping Nicki Minaj lip sync to out of this world looks that had the judges "galactating," here's what Joe Lynch and Stephen Daw thought of the fourth episode of the tenth season.

Joe: Before we talk about the bummer elimination, I have to say I was SO HAPPY that we got to soak in the 33 (yes, 33!) lurks on the runway. Too often, especially during the three-runway-lewks challenge, we see literally a half second of an outfit and it’s like WTF, I can’t even tell if it’s good. The 90-minute runtime really is a blessing. #Blessed And those looks! My main critique would be that many of the queens - including winner Aquaria - basically just turned looks with no regard for the runway theme. Like, Lucha Libre has nothing to do with Alaska, summer, winter, autumn or spring. Was it a gag-worthy look though? Absolutely. Props to Eureka for actually delivering looks that followed the runway theme, and ditto for Miz Cracker who, tbh, I would have crowned the maxi challenge winner. Which lurks were you living for?

Stephen: I absolutely agree with you about Miz Cracker. That glittery space helmet had me laughing so hard. And when Ru told her she had the judges galactating?? DEAD. But honestly, I disagree with you about the runway. I thought it was dragging, and there were a bunch of looks I thought were really boring. Case in point, Monet’s summer look in that neon bathing suit seemed like Drag 101 to me. Which looks were you not here for?

Joe: I’ve been rooting for Asia O’Hara but her looks were subpar this week. The middle one that was a flesh-toned bodysuit with fuzzy colorful balls glued to it? Like, what was that? Not cute, not really related to the challenge and very simple. And the balls on the head look seemed very arts and crafts. But honestly most of them I was very there for -- I was extremely impressed with Blair St. Clair, her ‘40s Barbie swimsuit look was sheer perfection. But the look of the night undoubtedly belonged to Ru herself -- that Leigh Bowery glamazon outfit with the visor! And she kept it on the whole night!! A great example of doing a throwback/tribute look but making it feel fresh and relevant. I would love to see a million people copy that look this Halloween. What did you think about the bottom two/lip sync/elimination?

Stephen: The bottom two was incorrect for me — I am absolutely in love with Asia O’Hara, but she should have been down there with Monét lip-syncing. Her Space Balls (not the classic film) look was sloppy, and the rest of her outfits, as you pointed out, were just boring. Dusty’s first look was rough, but her winter dress with the frozen heart and her metal outfit, to me, were rad!

That being said, this lip sync snatched me bald, watered my crops, tucked me into bed and kissed me goodnight. Monét brought EVERYTHING to this lip sync — she had her words down, tore away part of her dress, had sickening dance moves, and best of all, she was funny! That fake-out jump split had me on the damn floor. I love Dusty, but her name might as well have been Swiffer, because Monét mopped the floor with her.

Joe: BOOM. Damn that’s good. Yeah I totally agree, Monet did not belong in the bottom, but it was worth it for a hilarious, on-point and sickening lip sync. They fucking killed that -- and lip syncing Nicki Minaj is next level tough. The lip syncs this season have been very top shelf. And I agree -- they clocked Dusty for having a fairy look that didn’t fit the challenge, but the winner of the week paid zero heed to the runway theme. It seemed off, like they had just decided ahead of time it was Dusty’s time to go. Not that her looks were my favorite, but I feel like she had a lot more to offer -- like, I wanted to see what Dusty would do next. That being said, I adore Monet, I feel like she could snatch the crown, and I would have been furious if she were sent home. Side note: I was watching the episode at a bar where Thorgy Thor was hosting with a fabulous NYC queen Ragamuffin, and they were laying into Blair St. Clair. Not in a cruel way, they were bowing down to her looks, but when she said “sneak attack” they kept saying it sounded like “snack attack” and were joking about 12-year-old Blair popping open a Lunchables and having a fun late night snack attack when mom and dad weren’t paying attention. I was dying. But honestly, if you don’t want people to think you’re 12, don’t say middle school things like “sneak attack!”

Stephen: I frankly found it ironic that the child of the group, Blair, was the one who decided to come out and tell Asia that she was the mom of the season. I was like, “Aww, then that makes you the precocious child!” But Blair wasn’t wrong — Asia really was walking around that work room and helping everyone. I thought that was really sweet, and I think that the judges definitely let her off this week because they were giving her under-the-table points for being a good sister. I’m just hoping that doesn’t mean there’s going to be an Alexis-Michelle-in-Untucked moment where Asia just squeals “Why didn’t anyone else tell me I looked bad when I helped you?!?!” Speaking of season 9, I do think that this season is doing something that I didn’t get to see last season — I swear every episode, my opinions and favorites are switching around. Last week, I was 100 percent, full steam ahead Team Vixen. This week, though, I really started fawning over Miz Cracker, Monique and Monet! Who are your front-runners at the moment?

Joe: Cracker for sure, Monet (even though she was in the bottom) and Monique. But that’s a great point -- season 9 you had a strong sense of who would come out on top at the end, but this season, I feel like my sense of the top 3 changes nearly every week. As does my estimation of the queens. Unlike you, I wasn’t sure about The Vixen’s ability to deliver runway until this week, but I was gagged over what she pulled out last night. I really feel like it’s anyone’s game. I do feel like there should be a penalty, however, for any queen who says “RuPaul’s Best Friend Race” -- maybe they get their hot glue gun privileges revoked, I don’t know. Thoughts for next week?

Stephen: For real, shoutout to Lashauwn Beyond, but if I hear another queen in a fight yelling her catchphrase, I’m gonna start throwing things. I am unbelievably stoked for next week — the fact that Drag Race hasn’t had a Maury Povich parody yet is absolutely beyond me, but I’m glad it’s happening now. Although, how many more acting challenges are we going to see this season? We’ve had the dating apps, we’ve had the musical, and now we’re doing a TV show? I’m sincerely hosting for a straight-up comedy challenge soon, a la the Michelle Visage Roast from last season.

Joe: I think we need to thin out the cast before we get to a comedy challenge -- I can’t imagine half of these queens being able to deliver a joke. But yes, could not be more excited for the Maury Povich/Jerry Springer parody. It’s a gift.