Meet Madison Rose, the Pop Newcomer Preaching Self-Love & Inclusivity in Her Debut Video 'DIAMONDS'

Madison Rose
Haley Appell

Madison Rose behind the scenes of the video for "Diamonds."

For pop singer Madison Rose, inclusivity is everything. The Los Angeles-based singer wants to create a safe space where everyone can feel represented and seen. “It’s important to create space where people feel safe and where our differences are laid down,” she tells Billboard. “Because at the end of they day — we are all not that different.”

That spirit is evident in the video for Rose’s new song “DIAMONDS.” The video features Rose, sporting a number of fabulous outfits, dancing around a technicolored set, with confetti cannons exploding out while she belts out the lyrics to her self-love anthem. “These boys all chasin' me hands out / Keep my fingers fixed on my crown,” she sings.

Rose said that she found inspiration for her music from legendary female powerhouses like Dolly Parton and Beyoncé. But one of her main inspirations behind the look and feel of her video came from drag queens. “You add in my exposure to drag culture by way of early seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race which then led me me to documentaries like Paris is Burning and understanding the history of the community,” she says. “When putting an outfit together I look to the queens. Drag queens don’t pull looks -- they pull concepts. So, I need my looks to have a theme."

The singer mentioned that growing up, she often felt that the world did not treat her with the respect she knew she deserved. “DIAMONDS,” she explains, was born out of a desire to express the love and attention that everyone is entitled to: “It is my goal to make the world feel how I never felt growing up: important, deeply cared for and loved. All my music coming out is to inspire others to be free and to be themselves.”

Rose knows that it can be hard to find that kind of acceptance — as an independent artist with no manager or label, she has experienced rejection time and time again. “I had countless people tell me I wasn’t good enough or how I had to change,” she relates. “I had to just stand in my power even at the most difficult times and say, 'Forget that -- I know I am worthy as is.'”

“DIAMONDS” marks just the beginning for Rose. With the rest of 2018 still ahead of her, the artist says that fans can expect new music released throughout the year: “I can’t wait for the blessings that lay along this journey and to get to share these moments with my new audience.”

Watch the video for Rose’s “DIAMONDS" above.