'RuPaul's Drag Race' Alum React to The Vixen Breaking Down Racial Narratives Created by Fans

The Vixen
Krista Schlueter

The Vixen photographed on March 21, 2018 at TRL Studios in New York.

On Thursday night’s (April 5) episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked, Chicago-based queen The Vixen broke down the way fans perceive white queens versus black queens. While the issue hasn’t been addressed on the show, it’s long been a discussion on Drag Race message boards.

The topic came up when Brooklyn-based competitor Aquaria and The Vixen were asked to rehash a previous spat. The Vixen stood by her statement that Aquaria decided to “poke the bear” by criticizing her challenge-winning runway outfit from the previous episode.

“I was chilling,” she said. “You brought it over here, I brought it back, and all of a sudden, I’m a bitch.”

As a number of the other queens agreed with The Vixen, Aquaria became overwhelmed and began crying. Rather than let her Drag Race sister play the victim, The Vixen called out what she presumed fans would say about the moment based on how queens of seasons past were perceived.

“You say something, I say something, you start crying,” The Vixen said. “You have created the narrative that I am an angry black woman who has scared off the little white girl. So when you get super defensive and tell me that I’m being negative, when I’m just responding to what you brought to me, that will always read to these [pointing at the cameras] as a race issue.”

After other queens chimed in, Aquaria assured The Vixen she understood the underlying problem. “I know this to be an issue,” she said. The Vixen answered, “OK, now I know that you know. That’s cool. Act like it.”

The conversation struck a chord with several Drag Race alum. Season 8 winner Bob the Drag Race posted an image stating, “The Vixen was right about everything. Change my mind.” Season 7 star Jasmine Masters weighed in with a video message, saying, “Miss Vixen has told nothing but one thousand percent of the truth."

Check out reactions from Kennedy Davenport, Aja and more below.