'RuPaul's Drag Race:' The Very Best of the 'Miss Vanjie' Memes

It’s rare that the contestant who goes home first on any given season of RuPaul’s Drag Race gets to make a significant impact among the fans. There are exceptions, like Shangela Laquifa Wadley, who went home first in Season 2 only to come back two more times to snag America’s hearts.

But one queen on season 10 took her 90 minutes of screen time and spun it into Internet gold. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, the first queen to be eliminated this season, made an impression on the fans with her larger-than-life attitude and her interactions in the workroom with the other queens.

But it was after the queen found herself sashaying away from the competition that a meme was born. Walking backwards down the runway and jooshing her hair, Mateo exclaimed the now-iconic phrase “Miss Vanjie” three times before finally departing the competition. Her fabulous exit sent the Internet into a tailspin, constantly referencing and joking about the moment until people who didn’t watch Drag Race started questioning what “Miss Vanjie” meant.

RuPaul even found himself unable to contain his thoughts on the rising cultural importance of the “Miss Vanjie” phenomenon, taking to his Twitter account multiple times throughout the week to spread the gospel of "Miss Vanjie." 

In last week’s episode, we got a larger understanding of why RuPaul was so taken with this meme — a clip was aired on the second episode showing RuPaul giggling uncontrollably while Michelle Visage, sitting next to him, continued to repeat the star’s catchphrase.

Miss Vanjie herself was quite pleased with all of the attention her moment was getting, retweeting some of the best memes and saying to her fans “When I tell you all these memes and videos are slaying me!!!”

So, in honor of the star’s iconic rise to internet fame and popularity over the last two weeks, here are Billboard Pride’s favorite “Miss Vanjie” memes.