Big Freedia Drops 'Rent' Music Video & Talks Upcoming 'Third Ward Bounce' EP

Big Freedia "Rent"
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Big Freedia "Rent"

Big Freedia is one of the biggest names in bounce music, and with her new EP, she hopes to expand the genre’s sound. “This is the new 2018 bounce of Big Freedia,” the New Orleans native told Billboard Pride of the upcoming project, titled Third Ward Bounce. The first single, “Rent,” was released Friday (March 30).

“Rent” comes replete with the classic bounce beats we’ve come to know Freedia for in the past, the beats that brought her to prominence, with a hard rock edge courtesy of guitar riffs. Over top that comes Freedia’s voice, “Talkin, talkin, talkin, talkin, talkin, talkin, talkin, yaddy, yaddy, yaddy, yaddy, yaddy, yah.”

“It’s not just about a person paying your rent or your mortgage, but it’s about somebody taking up space in your head and your heart, on your mind, your body or your soul,” Freedia said, explaining that the song was inspired by her personal relationships and living situation (not a recent legal battle). “Whatever the situation may be, they have to learn how to give something back. Not just take; they have to pay something either with their love, their time or their energy.”

The lyrics speak to that. Freedia spits, “I committed to you, you should have paid me in love. Instead boy you tried it, I see through your lying.” For the visual, she builds on that, calling in her faithful Shake Team dancers as evictors to haul someone’s ex out and into the streets.

The release is the lead single from Third Ward Bounce, set to drop June 1. “This is my first EP on my first major deal,” the Beyoncé collaborator explained. “I’m with Asylum Records now.”

“I’m excited about the whole project because I’ve been working with some new producers and topliners,” she explained. “We’ve just been putting in a lot of work to make it fun, New and exciting. I’ve even been working with some new musical instruments to keep growing the sound of bounce.” And to get that sound to the masses the artist already has a scheduling of tours through fall. In May and June she’ll be in Europe. She also recently made her acting debut in the film Heart, Baby.

“I’ve been very, very busy.”

And while those who are fans of bounce can surely anticipate Freedia to continue to release tracks they will like (“the new EP is a mixture of different genres with bounce; every song is bounce-inspired”), there may not be many other bounce artists working with her. “I’ve broken down barriers and opened doors for bounce; I have laid the blueprint and it’s now time for them to follow,” she said. “But [to collaborate]? No, it’s too much hate."