'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 10, Ep. 2: Pharmarusical & the Ghost of Miss Vanjie

Rupaul's Drag Race
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Eureka O'Hara, Aquaria, Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams, Monique Heart, Asia O'Hara and Dusty Ray Bottoms on RuPaul's Drag Race.

Thursday (March 29) night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race had something for everyone: Drugs, a musical, Alyssa Edwards reading queens, needless conflama, Andy Cohen at a hoedown, Halsey, Padma Lakshmi, bad excuses, body suits, and more conflama.

From the pharmaceutical-themed Rusical to the ghost of Miss Vanjie, here’s what Billboard Pride Editor Patrick Crowley and Deputy Editor, Digital, Joe Lynch thought about the second episode of the tenth season.

Joe: There’s really only one way to start this. Miss Vanjie. Miss Vanjieeeeee. Misssss Vannnnjieeeee.

Patrick: Oh my god, bring her back! I need Miss Vanjie merch in my life. I loved how Michelle was cracking Ru up by repeating it. It’s not that often that the first eliminated queen makes such an impression.

Joe: Right? Her ghost is already hanging over this competition. So much to talk about -- wanna start with Alyssa?

Patrick: Alyssa is always a great place to start. Why doesn’t she have her own series yet? I could watch her teach baby drags choreography all day. I also love that it read “Drag Race Royalty” underneath her name. She deserves. I did think it was strange that Asia’s team started working on choreography before meeting her -- has that ever happened?

Joe: I honestly can’t recall. But I loved her clocking Kalorie. “It’s Karb-dashian.” *Pause* “Oh you think you’re clever don’t you?” Alyssa devastates me. And classic case of the group you think is going to fail succeeding far beyond the other one, what happened there? Eureka was a disaster, she was not lip syncing one of those words correctly.

Patrick: Oh, totally! But I felt for her with feeling PTSD. To us, it’s a TV show -- but that’s her life! She had to abandon her dreams because of a choreographed challenge last season. I imagine I’d be shaky if I were in her heels too.

You know what was so great about this episode, though? They didn’t give away what was coming; all through AS3, I felt that you knew who was going home each episode. I mean, if we’re being honest with ourselves, we knew Kalorie would wind up in the bottom, but this episode had me hooked! Do you think The Vixen deserved her wins?

Joe: Well, short answer, no. Her dancing in the honky tonk mini-challenge was great, but not country-western. And she was good but not exactly the standout for me in the main challenge. I was really impressed with Yuhua’s facial expressions, she said a lot with very little. And overall, this Rusical was a lot stronger than what we’ve seen in the past, musically speaking and in terms of execution. Who stood out to you?

Patrick: Well, first of all, I am living for The Vixen. Good on her for giving us what we want: drama. Do I think she deserved either win from last night? No. But I’m glad she’s not here for a season of niceties! Her performance was fine, but my favorites were Yuhua and Monique Heart. I was shocked when the judges said she was forgettable! She was one of my favorite parts.

I have to disagree with you on this Rusical being stronger? I thought it went on for way too long and it didn’t really tell a story? And while everyone got their moment to shine, I don’t feel like most of them did anything with it.

But can we talk about the runway? Did the queens know the theme was “best drag”? Because…

Joe: The one good thing I’ll say about Eureka last night is her look was strong, she made a bodysuit make an impression. The rest of the queens wearing bodysuits? No. And Kalorie, for being in the bottom first episode, should have stepped up her runway for episode 2. And Yuhua, though incredible in the Rusical, looked fine on the runway but lost me with her “I had a better outfit but I didn’t wear it” excuse. 1) If you have a better outfit, wear the better outfit. 2) NEVER make excuses to RuPaul. She does not wanna hear it.

Patrick: Right?! And Yuhua has so many amazing looks -- girl, I’ve seen your Instagram! (*Editor’s note: did you know Billboard Pride is now on Instagram? You better follow, mawma!) I was underwhelmed with a majority of the runways, but Blair, Aquaria and Kameron delivered. And I loved Monique’s lewks separately, but the reveal was…? Well, as Padma Lakshmi said, it didn’t tell a story.

Joe: Yeah, the runway was a letdown for ‘best drag.’ What did you think about the lip sync? I felt it was fine but honestly, there's more movement in Aquaria’s neck when she’s talking to the camera than there was on stage during that lip sync showdown. Eureka deserved to win but I was nowhere closing to gagging at any point during it.

Patrick: Had it not been Eureka, I would had been ready for a double elimination. But they made a big deal about bringing her back -- it would have been crazy for them to let her go this quickly. That said: there aren’t any filler queens left on this season? I feel like all of the remaining twelve queens have a solid shot at the top 4.

Joe: Oh totally, I really feel like I’m not sure who is going to win this season, and in the best possible way. A few queens are standouts but the others are still all individually interesting and I could see growing a lot. I’m dying to see what these queens do at Snatch Game.

Patrick: If Eureka doesn’t do Mama June, she’s canceled.


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