Meet Tyler Stone, The Record Label Founder Highlighting LGBTQ Talent: 'Queer Artists Deserve Visibility'

Tyler Stone FemmeKraft
Jeff Eason

FemmeKraft founder Tyler Stone

Last August, Brooklyn-based DJ and filmmaker Tyler Stone launched FemmeKraft, a queer record label that promises to blur the lines of genre and gender, while offering “a powerful dose of after-2am vibes.”

“Queer artists deserve visibility,” explained Stone on his decision to start FemmeKraft. “I hope to serve as a beacon of light to those that have found themselves in a position similar to what I’ve been in -- lost and hopeless. It’s crushing to spend countless hours on a project and have it received with lukewarm criticism because the listener just ‘didn’t get it.’"

Stone hopes his label shines a light on queer art because he believes it often struggles for a place to exist. “Mainstream pop culture is mostly packaged and labeled under a category that is easily relatable or defined under a specific genre. FemmeKraft is catered to those that ordinarily find themselves checking off the “other” option when asked to define their style.”

Stone was inspired to start his own venture after feeling he was taken advantage of by a record label where he was creative director. “This served as a major spark of inspiration to take control of my own destiny; to create a brand that was under my own control and not under those who may not have the purest of intentions.”

Since its inception, FemmeKraft has launched projects by Charlie Sheena, Dinah Thorpe, Enid Ellen and Fionne. “It is my intention to take my FemmeKraft artists on tour to give other parts of the county a taste of something that they wouldn’t normally be exposed to.”

Stone’s creative talents aren’t limited to music; he is currently amping up promotion of The Crusties, a horror film that he not only wrote and directed, but also composed the original score for.

“I would describe The Crusties as guerrilla, punk and necessary. In addition to being a run-of-the-mill horror film, The Crusties also serves as a political warning of the dangers of what happens when you ignore your mentally ill,” Stone explained. “Mental illness is very real in this world and is swept under the rug by the shitty, corrupt folks upstairs that control our healthcare system."

The all-queer cast is led by Jocelyn McBride, whom Stone describes as “a strong fucking woman.”

In an effort to raise more funds for the cast and crew to go to South of France, The Crusties will screen tonight (March 26) at 9:30pm at the Anthology Film Archives. The film is up for four awards at the Nice International Film Festival of World Cinema including talented new filmmaker and best original score.

Check out the trailer for The Crusties below.

"The Crusties" Premiere: ONE NIGHT ONLY from Femmekraft on Vimeo.