Latin Artist Baby Yors Debuts 'Bad Influence' Video, Inspired By Queer Classic Film: Watch

Baby Yors Bad Influence

Baby Yors

Growing up, queer soul-rock artist Baby Yors wasn't introduced to the musical greats. “I didn’t know who David Bowie or Freddie Mercury were. I grew up in a small town in Argentina and my parents only let me listen to classical music, but we watched so many films,” he explained to Billboard. “I love Stanley Kubrick movies and the feeling and sentiment that David Lynch can give. Even music in horror movies inspire me a lot.”

Baby’s love of film is especially apparent in his latest music video, for “Bad Influence.” The visual, which he co-produced and co-directed, pays homage to Jean Genet’s 1950 queer classic Un chant d'amour.

“It’s got very explicit sex scenes and it’s beautifully shot. It was way ahead of it’s time -- even today it would be controversial,” Baby said of the film. “It’s basically a love story through a wall between two prisoners. The closest thing to touching each other is breathing the same smoke through a hole in a wall. There’s also a guard who is seeing all this, and you can see how much he wants to be a part of this beautiful relationship. But he can’t, so he takes it out on them by punishing them. There’s a lot of symbology.”

For Baby, visuals are just as important as his music. “Sometimes they come together, sometimes they come one before the other. For ‘Bad Influence,’ the visuals came first. And then once the song came to me, I knew they were a perfect fit.”

Check out Baby Yors’ video for “Bad Influence” below.