RuPaul Talks With Ellen DeGeneres About His Star on the Walk of Fame, 'Drag Race' & More

RuPaul Ellen DeGeneres
Courtesy Photo

RuPaul on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

RuPaul told ABC News’ Dan Harris back in 2016 that he didn’t think he could go on late night talk shows or a program like The Ellen DeGeneres Show because "the only way they could actually have a conversation with me is to make fun of me.” But today (March 16), RuPaul found the acceptance he was looking for when he joined Ellen DeGeneres on her show to talk about RuPaul’s Drag Race, his Hollywood Walk of Fame star and more.

When asked about his star on the Walk of Fame, which he will receive the same day as his Ellen appearance, Ru announced that none other than legendary actress Jane Fonda would be presenting it to him. He also revealed that her titular character in the 1968 film Barbarella was a major inspiration for his drag, hence her role as his star presenter.

“About 50 years ago this week, Barbarella showed up at my house, in my mailbox on the cover of Life magazine, and career path was decided in that moment,” Ru said. “I decided I was going to be Barbarella.”

DeGeneres talked to the star about Drag Race as well, and asked him who his dream guest judges were. “I’d love to have Ellen DeGeneres on the show sometime,” he quickly retorted.

But when pressed, RuPaul said that there's another daytime television star he'd love to recruit for an episode. “Who better to judge drag queens than Judge Judy?” he asked. “She gives it to you straight, and that’s what we need in these troubled times, darling.”

Ru also played a hilarious game of "Lip Sync For Your Wife" with DeGeneres. Watch the interview and the game below.