'RuPaul's Drag Race': 10 Queens We'd Like to See on 'All Stars 4'

With Thursday night’s bonkers season finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, it’s time to start dreaming up the cast for its next iteration. Some choices are easy: fan favorites like Valentina and Courtney Act are obvious shoe-ins. But sometimes it’s the less expected choices -- like Aja or Tatianna in past seasons -- that end up making the most of their Ru-demptions.

Because it’s never too early, here are Billboard Pride’s 10 choices to fill out the AS4 cast.

Naomi Smalls

If there was one thing missing from AS3, it was high-fashion glamour. That’s not to say we didn’t have memorable moments (Chi Chi’s stunning Wigs on Wigs on Wigs transformation comes to mind), but the season could have benefited from a couture queen like Naomi Smalls. Her ability to reinvent the Wizard of Oz’s Scarecrow as a runway stunner speaks to her impeccable eye for style.

April Carrión

Speaking of fashion queens, we’d love to see this Puerto Rican goddess back for another lap. She may have an eleventh place finish working against her, but April has a lot to offer -- as evidenced by her Instagram posts documenting the looks she had prepared for the runway each week after she was eliminated on season 6 (see below). On a personal level, April lived through Hurricane Maria -- and Drag Race would provide an incredible platform for her to shine a spotlight on the devastation her home country is still recovering from.


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Courtney Act

After appearing on Australian Idol and Drag Race, Courtney finally achieved her goal of winning a competitive reality show: Celebrity Big Brother U.K. Could she go two-for-two and take the crown on All Stars? Her track record on Drag Race -- she finished in the top 3 alongside Adore Delano and Bianca Del Rio -- proves she’d be a strong competitor.

Adore Delano

Speaking of Adore, we’re still sore from her decision to leave All Stars 2. While her emotions seemed to have gotten the best of her, we’d love to see our favorite glam-punk wild child back in the workroom.


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Shea Couleé

Of the season 9 cast, no one deserves a second chance at the crown more than Shea Couleé. The only other Drag Race alum to have four challenge wins in a regular season was the scream queen Sharon Needles -- and she got a crown for it. We’d love to see this fierce competitor slay the competition -- again!


Shea may be the most deserving of a return, but we’re on the edge of our seats awaiting Valentina’s inevitable return. Ahead of mask-gate, this Latina queen was a lock for the top 3 -- and we’re sure she’s learned her lesson (and Ariana Grande’s entire discography) by now.


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Season 9 had plenty of All Stars-level competitors; we’d be shocked if Trinity Taylor and Nina Bo’Nina Brown don’t make it back at some point. But in this dark political climate? We need to see Peppermint back on television. Since taking the runner-up title, this New Yorker has been an outspoken activist on transgender issues, and we’d love to see her continue to use her platform on drag’s biggest stage.

Darienne Lake

Only one queen has sent BenDeLaCreme packing (aside from herself, anyway), and that’s New York-based diva Darienne Lake. Darienne proved to be a tough competitor, memorably stealing the show and winning season 6’s Scream Queens challenge with one of the acting challenge’s smallest roles. She ultimately took fourth place in one of Drag Race’s most stacked seasons to date.


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Manila Luzon

It’s no secret that the teams format of the first iteration of All Stars did a disservice to its competitors, forcing queens to exit in pairs and leaving viewers with a way-too-short season of Drag Race. While we’d love to see several of the AS1 girls make a return, few are more deserving as this creative queen. Known for giving childhood heroes like Cookie Monster, SpongeBob SquarePants and Cruella de Vil sexy, drag-infused twists, we’re dizzy thinking of the nostalgic looks this campy queen would deliver.


Let’s be real: the odds of this happening are slimmer than Violet Chachki’s waistline. Since her early departure, Willam’s relationship with the show’s team has seemed tense, at best. But there’s no denying that this sharp-tongued party girl makes great television. And while some queens from seasons past struggle to remain relevant, Willam has managed to keep a high profile. Willam doesn’t need the show to maintain her place among Drag Race royalty and All Stars 4 will certainly be a hit without her involvement. But it’s the fact that they don’t need each other that makes this premise all the more delicious.


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