Trixie Mattel Plays New Music From 'One Stone,' Talks 'All Stars 3,' Miley Cyrus & More

Trixie Mattel

Even though the latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is coming to a close, Trixie Mattel is not going anywhere.

The drag queen/comedian/musical artist has a new album, One Stone, coming out Friday, her television show The Trixie & Katya Show, a current tour with other Drag Race stars, and an upcoming tour of her one-woman show Trixie Mattel: Now With Moving Parts. "It's gonna be impossible for you to avoid me, basically," she said.

Amid her jam-packed schedule, Trixie stopped by Billboard to perform a few songs from One Stone, including "Moving Parts," "Break  Your Heart" and "Soldier," for a Facebook Live stream (full video below).

Mattel also took time to talk to Billboard Pride about her performance on All Stars 3. She said coming back into the competition is harder in some ways, because the judges ask much more of the returning queens. “I think on a normal season, they’re looking for you to show them who you are. And I think on All Stars, they know who you are and they’re looking for you to expand the walls of everything that’s still you, and also zero in on what makes you special at all times,” she said.

Naturally, the queen said she wants to win the competition. But if she had to choose another competitor to win the crown, Trixie said Shangela would be her first choice. “Shangela exhibits pretty much every area of All Star-dom,” she said. “She represents somebody who could carry the title of that program, and of drag in general, with a lot of pride.”

As far as hints about the season finale, Mattel said audiences are in for yet another shocking episode. “This ending and the way that this episode is, I think, is going to be satisfying and dissatisfying,” she said. “Wigs snatched, all parts of your heart being pulled in different directions.”

Fans got the opportunity during the live stream to ask Mattel their own questions. One fan wanted to know if the star had any updates on her show's co-host Katya, who stepped out of the spotlight in January to take care of her own mental health. “Katya’s doing really well. She’s working on her wellness, so we don’t touch base too much, but I definitely get positive vibes.”  She added this tongue-in-cheek sentiment: “When you live in LA and you’re a famous person, you’re supposed to give vague supportive responses, so that was mine.”

Mattel also talked about modern artists that she’d want to collaborate with, citing Miley Cyrus as a major inspiration. “She’s somebody who has roots in folk and country music, but she can put on a muppet suit and stick her tongue out, so she’s capable of everything,” she said. “Her voice sounds like she knows everything, it sounds so honest, and I would love to write music for her.”

Watch Trixie's Facebook Live performance and Q&A to hear more of what the queen had to say.