Taylor Swift Features Gay Porn Performer Kevin Falk in New 'Delicate' Video

When Taylor Swift unleashed her video for “Delicate” on Sunday (March 11), fans immediately started dissecting the free-spirited vid, taking their favorite moments from the piece and immediately turning them into viral Internet memes.

But even with the Britney Spears and Maddie Ziegler comparisons, there may be a few things even the most hardcore of fans missed. For example, one of the bodyguards in the video is played by Kevin Falk, a well-known star on the gay porn site Randy Blue.

Falk plays it, for lack of a better word, pretty straight in this video — he enters a hotel lobby with Taylor and a team of bodyguards, and when the star becomes invisible upon being handed a magical note, she attempts for several seconds to get his attention.

This is not the first time Swift has had a performer from the porn industry feature in one of her videos. Back in 2012, men.com’s Mike de Marko was briefly featured as a partygoer who gets showered with glitter in Swift’s video for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

This is also not the first time this year that porn stars have been showing up in major music videos. The scintillating video for Troye Sivan’s “My My My!” featured Cockyboys’ breakout star Brody Blomqvist.