'Drag Race' Star Eureka O'Hara Twerks Through Times Square in New Music Video: Watch

Eureka O'Hara RuPaul's Drag Race Adam Barta
Roxy Taylor Photography

Eureka O'Hara

Ahead of her return to RuPaul’s Drag Race for season 10, self-described “elephant queen” Eureka O’Hara has released the empowering, Electropoint-produced “Body Positivity (part ii: Electropoint Redux)” with singer Adam Barta -- who’s own track “Flawless” hit a No. 32 peak last year on the Dance Club Songs chart. The track also features Kandy Muse.

Last year, O’Hara made Drag Race history during season 9 as the first contestant removed from the competition due to injury (she hurt her knee during a cheerleading-themed challenge). RuPaul gave O’Hara an open invitation to return for season 10, one that she graciously accepted.

O’Hara said that she spent her downtime in physical therapy. “It gave me time to sit and think about how I want to present myself for [season 10].”

By the sound of this track, O’Hara is going to continue to be a strong champion of body positivity -- something that caught Barta’s attention. “It was important to work on this with Eureka because I’ve struggled with learning to love my body when I was both very skinny and now being a bigger body type,” the singer explained.

“I learned to love my body by learning how to not hate my body. Realizing that we’re all different,” explained the O'Hara. “Also learning how to see myself as sexy and beautiful. If I truly believe it, others will too.”

The curvy queen also shared advice to fans who might be struggling with their own body image: “It’s true when they say, ‘You can do anything you put your mind to’ -- which means, to become body positive you must first think positively about yourself, in your mind.” Barta added, “Learning to accept your body starts with realizing that there is beauty in every size and shape, and it’s the person living inside those bodies that truly makes us each special.”

Check out a teaser video for “Body Positivity (part ii: Electropoint Redux),” which features Eureka twerking in Times Square. The track, A&R'ed by Jordan von Haslow for Waverly | Grace Records, is available for preorder on iTunes.