The Best Memes From Katy Perry's 'Wig' Comment on 'American Idol'

Katy Perry American Idol
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Katy Perry on American Idol

Some people put hours of time and serious effort into crafting a video or meme that will eventually go viral. Katy Perry, however, has managed to accomplish that goal with just one simple word: wig.

In a sneak peek ahead of the premiere of American Idol season 16, new judge Katy Perry shared a moment with 18-year-old Noah Davis when the starstruck contestant quietly said the word “wig” while staring at the panel of judges.

“Wait, did you just say 'wig'?” Perry asked. “I know, wig, I feel that already!” Fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan started to ask Perry what the word meant, but Perry cut them off. “No, it’s not your language; it’s just for us.”

Twitter erupted with tweets about Perry’s recognition of the popular phrase (Urban Dictionary defines "wig" as "When something happens so unexpectedly, your wig flies off your head"). Some fans were excited to see Katy understanding online queer lingo. Others were simply unimpressed by what they perceived as a ham-fisted attempt by Perry to pander to her queer fanbase. Regardless, the interaction went viral, and Billboard Pride has collected some of the funniest memes from Katy Perry’s “wig” moment.