Adam Rippon Talks Being a Role Model for LGBTQ Youth & Crushing on Shawn Mendes on 'Ellen'

Adam Rippon Ellen DeGeneres
Courtesy Photo

Adam Rippon on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The true star of the 2018 Winter Olympics was Team USA's first openly gay figure skater, Adam Rippon. While the games might be over, Rippon is using his platform to talk about the issues that matter... and his love life.

Rippon appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today in his first interview since returning to the U.S. from South Korea. He walked onto DeGeneres’ show wearing his bronze medal, which he earned with his teammates in the figure skating team event.

DeGeneres asked the skater about his recent involvement with the Youth Engagement Program at GLAAD. “We’re getting these kids, and they’re becoming activists in their community,” the skater said. “When I was young, to have had somebody out there to look up to… it would have made a world of difference, it would have changed my life.

Rippon also added that today, one in five kids identify as LGBTQ. “So look to your left, look to your right, and if no one is gay, you’re probably the one,” he said, laughing.

The skater also discussed being single, and said that while he has had crushes on Jake Gyllenhall and Harry Styles, his heart is currently pining for singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes. “I was sleeping on Shawn Mendes, I didn’t realize how cute he was,” he said. “I know Harry will be upset.”

Watch Rippon’s interview with Ellen below:

You can support Rippon's partnership with GLAAD by donating here.