10 Pop Stars We Need to See Impersonated on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Snatch Game

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3
Courtesy of VH1

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3

On RuPaul’s Drag Race, one of the trickiest challenges for competing queens is Snatch Game. What makes the challenge even more difficult is when queens pick obscure celebrities to impersonate. No shade, but the contestants on All Stars 3's Snatch Game made some … “choices,” to quote Tatianna. Kristin Chenoweth even made an appearance as herself, saying “I always thought that one of these queens would do me, but no one ever did.”

So instead of having stars come and impersonate themselves, we at Billboard Pride would like to offer up a few friendly suggestions to the queens of future seasons. Here are the 10 pop stars that we want to see impersonated on Snatch Game.

1. Cardi B

When performing in Snatch Game, being funny and fierce is the ultimate goal. Who would better embody that spirit than the “Bodak Yellow” rapper herself, Cardi B? This loudmouthed New Yorker would be the perfect fit for the game show. Just throw on a laid wig, a short sparkly dress and a colored fur coat, get your phone out to do an Instagram video and then Read. Those. Queens.

2. Rihanna

Where to begin? This Barbados-born singer is not only one of the shadiest celebrities in the game (just go look through her tweets), but she has served up some amazing looks throughout her career. If a queen ever wanted an opportunity to be a blunt-smoking, shade-throwing diva on Snatch Game, Rihanna could be their best bet.

3. Madonna

The important question to ask here — how has no one played Madonna yet on Snatch Game?!?  Yes, her fashion has appeared multiple times on the show (lest we forget “Kimono-Gate” from season eight) and she was impersonated by Manila Luzon for All Stars season 1's ill-advised RuPaul's Gaff-In challenge, but the star deserves a Snatch Game appearance. Just don one of her numerous iconic looks, call every other queen on the panel “reductive,” and constantly switch between an American and pseudo-British accent.

4. Michelle Williams

This pop diva has guest-hosted on the show, seen multiple queens reference her, and yet still has never appeared on an episode of Snatch Game. She would be rife with possibilities (just pick up your phone and pretend to call Beyoncé, only to get her voicemail), and has a number of amazing looks to choose from. When RuPaul says yes, nobody can say no!

5. Miley Cyrus

We came so close to seeing Tatianna perform as Miley on Snatch Game back in season two of All Stars — she has since said she was her second choice. Instead, she went with Ariana Grande, which was clearly the worse of the two … choices. There’s so much to do as Miley. You could go for 2013 VMAs realness, with your hair in two buns and lots of twerking, or go for Disney Channel Miley and keep switching between her and Hannah Montana.

6. Sia / Maddie Ziegler

Imagine the camera panning over the celebrity panel at Snatch Game, and seeing a mannequin sitting on a chair in a Sia-inspired wig. Now imagine a queen coming out, dressed as dancer Maddie Ziegler from one of Sia’s many music videos, and interpretive dancing her way through these ridiculous questions. All it would take is a flesh-colored leotard, a white-and-black bob, and some wild dance moves to make this a hilarious entry in Snatch Game.

7. Shakira

Yes, Alexis Mateo did play Shakira in season 1 of All Stars, but not for an episode of Snatch Game. And even if her Shakira counted, it was still a flat impersonation of the pop star. The opportunities are there —  the outfit would be simple enough, have her breakout into song with her iconic accent, and you can throw in a few “lo le lo le’s” to make the jokes land.

8. Celine Dion

The internet had a lot to say about Milk’s impersonation of the iconic Canadian star on the second episode of All Stars 3. But a good impersonation of Celine could be a challenge-winning performance. Pick one of Celine’s best looks (suggestion: go for the “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” video instead of the Met Gala), and channel the singer’s eccentric attitude for a performance that could be even more outlandish than Katya’s Björk.

9. Mariah Carey

Another queen who was recently impersonated on All Stars 3’s diva ball (and done well, we might add, by Shangela), we again ask: how has no one done Mariah Carey on Snatch Game?!? From “I don’t know her” to that time she yelled at her backup dancers, the Elusive Chanteuse would be absolutely hysterical on the game show. Get to it, queens.

10. Courtney Love

If Adore Delano had stayed on All Stars 2 long enough to perform in Snatch Game, she could have been the perfect Courtney Love. There is so much potential for this messy rocker to be a scene-stealing contender on the show. Smear your makeup, wear your grungiest outfit, interrupt contestants by throwing things at them (i.e. Madonna at the VMAs), or even start threatening RuPaul with Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar.


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