Canadian Crooner Mathew V Debuts Drag-tastic 'Broken' Music Video: Watch

Mathew V
Pooya Nabei

Mathew V

Canadian crooner Mathew V has released the visual for his über-catchy “Broken,” and he’s enlisted some drag talent to add some pizzazz.

The music video features Mathew and several pals goofing around in front of a white wall. Among the cast are two Vancouver-based drag queens, Ilona Verley and South East, who Mathew describes as “some of the most sickening drag artists I have ever seen in my life.”

Mathew saw Verley perform his first single, “Tell Me Smooth,” at a club: “I was so flattered and in shock, I knew she had to be in the 'Broken' video. Ilona has always been outspoken and brings fashion, performance art and aesthetic to a whole new level.”

As for South, he bragged that the drag performance is able to twerk while doing a handstand. “Last night, when I saw her perform, she unfolded herself out of a suitcase. I literally screamed,” he added.

Check out the video for “Broken” below: