'RuPaul's Drag Race': Thorgy Thor Addresses Whether Stevie Nicks Is A Gay Icon & Teases Possible Trixie Mattel Collaboration

Thorgy Thor
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Thorgy Thor

On Thursday night (Feb. 1), RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 resurrected VH1's Divas Live back to the stage, featuring A-list impersonations of Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, and many more. The queens were also tasked with redoing their worst runways from past seasons.

With the Lip Sync for Your Legacy rules in effect, BenDeLaCreme and Shanegla faced off to The Pointer Sisters' euphoric classic "Jump (For My Love)." The winner, Shangela, chose to eliminate Thorgy Thor from the competition over Kennedy Davenport.

Thorgy talked to Billboard about the episode's edit, teased a potential collaboration and more.

As a Thorgy fan, that episode was hard to watch. How are you holding up?

I'm fine. Everyone's talking to me like I'm laying on the floor, shaking and sweating. [Laughs] I was fine, I thought I did a great job.

After watching back, do you still feel like the challenge was rigged against you?

Oh, absolutely. I was just surprised that they put an edit right at the beginning when I had that conversation with Shangela. Right when we listened to the track, and I said, "You and Ben have just written comedic genius on this track, and then I'm stuck in the middle and my track is not funny. And I'm being set up to fail." And that's exactly what happened. Ben and Shangela were in the top, and I got sent home. And I'm like, that's exactly what I said. So I wouldn't have put that in the edit if I was editing that show, that's for sure.

It actually validated me when I saw it. I was like, "Yeah, that's exactly right, that's also exactly what happened!" It actually made me look right. I hope the fans and people watching are like "Yeah, but she was right, she may be crazy…” -- which I am, I'm a crazy person. I'm meticulous and I'm a perfectionist. I know I'm too much in my head, but I always look good and I always do things well because I spend a lot of time worrying about it. Which I didn't think that was a bad thing, I thought that was a good attribute as an artist to be like, "Hey you should probably think about that more." And they made it out to be this bad thing, I'm like, “I don't think it's that bad.”

So you are a big fan of Stevie Nicks, and it felt like the roles were kind of assigned if they were tailored to the contestants. Who would you have rather done than Stevie?

Nobody. Listen, if you gave me the chance one more time and laid all the pieces out in front of me on cards to pick whoever you want, I'd pick Stevie Nicks. I'd pick Stevie Nicks right now, I'd do it all over again. I just would've liked to have more artistic control of like the material.

That makes sense. So, there’s been a bit of backlash to you saying that Stevie Nicks isn’t a gay icon, which you quickly retracted on the show. Do you want to clarify that?

That was really embarrassing for me, but I didn't mean it. If you watch the edit, it cut me off before I said my whole sentence. That made me look really poor, but it's really just to justify that in case Stevie was listening. I said, “Stevie Nicks is not a gay icon who can win at a gay drag queen competition next to the divas in this challenge.”

It's important to say that because it's not a shade towards her, it's just saying out loud like you know, she's an internal Gemini hippie, and then we have like these Patti LaBelle moves, kicking their shoes off, I'm like, “well that's a drag queen show,” you know? So that's what I was just kind of trying to say, and I think somebody on Twitter said something not agreeing with what I said, but that's not what I said so I just want to just come clean.

I still remember from season 8 how excited you were to be on RuPaul's Drag Race because you loved the show so much. Did leaving so early in All Stars make you feel sour at all?

You know, I'm not bitter, I'm very bitter [laughs]. You know it sucks, because you get there and it's just like you bring like you're best stuff and you're just ready to win. I think that was kind of my downfall, I guess on season 8 and on All Stars. I didn't go on the show and on this competition to win, I really didn't. Other queens, they really do, they think that way. I went because I like the industry. I auditioned for the show eight years in a row. This is my life, I've been doing drag for like 15-16 years. I really like my sisters, I love playing with them, I love making fun of them, I love creating artwork with them. It just seemed like the next level to do that. I always hear the money will come, I will work. But it's more about just being here.

I could've just kept doing challenges every day of my life, but I never really went there to win, it just sucked that two episodes in, I really felt like it was out of my control and I was being set up to fail -- which is what I said. And then I went home for something that I didn't do, I didn't create it. So that's why I was disappointed.

I was very proud of everything I did on All Stars. I have no regrets, I had a great time, and I even watched it and I was like, "I was good, also, yeah I'm right." I was right the whole time. I just hope the fans see that and think, "Oh shit, she was kinda robbed." Because I feel like I was. I just wanted to stay longer and have more fun.

That's a good attitude to have. What is your relationship with Shangela now?

Oh, I love Shangela! I think Shangela is a shining star, but here it is, I think that she is the best bullshit artist that I have ever met in my entire life. If I was walking in the street and got mugged, and I want one person with me, it would be Shangela. She would know how to talk him out of it, she would get the gun out of his hands and then we would go have something to eat. She is so brilliant at working her way out of any situation. She's the best bullshit artist and she's an improv actor. She is so good at improving and I was always in awe.

Like, for instance, in this past episode when Milk was talking about how she was so over Shangela being this diva -- and they even had Todrick in some weird interview that never happened before with any other judge. All of a sudden he's talking about her being a diva. I loved that when I was there. Like I bumped into her, when she was in her glasses, going to rehearsal, and she goes, "Oh baby you just bumped into me, don't touch me again." And I went, "Oh, I'm sorry" and she goes, "Oh it's not problem gorgeous." And then I grabbed her hand and helped her down the stairs. I thought it was fun.

And can I ask you who you're rooting for of the remaining contestants?

Shangela! I just think she's fucking great. She got 17 chances, and she gets better and better and better. And why not just give it to her?

Well speaking of chances, would you go on for a third time if they ever asked you?

Hmmm, probably not, no. It would have to come up, nobody's ever asked me that question before, I haven't really thought about it. I'd have to be in a good place.

So what's next for you? I know you have your Thorchestra planned.

It's funny, you know I said it in some interview and I've gotten like 600 emails in the last like couple of weeks just saying like,"I'm a violist, I live in Iowa,” “I'm a harpist, I live in Ireland.” They all want be part if the Thorchestra, so it is slowly becoming this like network of musicians like globally.

That's very cool, but I think I want to do like a one-woman show in New York, because I have so many ideas that I need to get out. I'm going to do it very small and like just one show in New York and then see if I can travel with it.

That's awesome. I don't know how close you are with Trixie but obviously she plays the autoharp. Have you two ever collaborated musically?

Oh yeah, we've talked about it many, many times. There might be something in the works.

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