Adam Joseph & Peppermint Dress to Stun In 'Thirsty' Music Video: Premiere

Courtesy Photo
Adam Joseph ft. Peppermint "Thirsty"

Adam Joseph, the mastermind behind the viral house remix of Maxine Waters' infamous "reclaiming my time" takedown, has taken a break from creating bitch tracks to show off his own vocal talent on “Thirsty.” The track, produced by Vito Fun & Koil, is an anthem for those who leave the bar a bit parched for some after-hours fun. The funky track has a throwback vibe and features a guest rap from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 runner up Peppermint.

“Peppermint and I go all the way back to her first single, "Servin' It Up" that I produced with Jonny McGovern and have been making music together ever since. I admire her grind and positivity,” Joseph said of the legendary queen. “Talk about hard work paying off.”

The duo shot a vibrant visual, premiering exclusively on Billboard. The clip shows the pair serving lewks throughout New York City; in fact, they even shot some footage in Times Square: “Every New Yorker knows to avoid that area at all cost, but it actually ended up being really fun,” said Joseph. “Crowds formed around us as we filmed and the police ended up kicking us out after a while but there's something special about Times Square that matches perfectly with the energy of this song.”

Check out the NYC-centric music video for “Thirsty” below.