30 Lesbian Love Songs: Tegan & Sara, Hayley Kiyoko, Le Tigre & More

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Tegan & Sara, Rihanna and Sophie B. Hawkins

From Hayley Kiyoko to Le Tigre, it’s time to celebrate queer artists and the beautiful thing that is same-sex love.

The language of love may be universal, but the lyrics of some love songs certainly aren't. Hetero love obviously isn’t the only kind of romance out there. Sometimes you need to kick back with some excellent tunes that explore lesbian relationships and the women who light up each other’s lives. Whether it's curiosity, a little girl crush or full-on lust, we've put together a playlist featuring lesbian, queer and bisexual artists -- as well as straight-idenfitying allies -- spanning several different genres.

No matter if you just want to send a message to that special girl out there or you need to celebrate a night in with the love of your life telling her how much you adore her, there’s a brand new song to discover here in this playlist. From Hayley Kiyoko to Le Tigre, it’s time to celebrate queer artists and the beautiful thing that is same-sex love. Follow the Spotify playlist below.

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1. Gia, "Only a Girl"

Gia's debut single is a gorgeous ode that, according to the artist herself, "represents girls all around the world who have experienced a relationship with another girl." References to how her "ex-man" never made her feel the way her new boo does make us feel all warm and tingly, and they’ll probably do the same for you.

2. Little Big Town, "Girl Crush"

Little Big Town's clever love song follows a woman who's pining over another girl who seems to now be with an ex-companion, but whether it's a female lover or not is open to interpretation. Who hasn't had a little girl crush at one point or another?

3. Mary Lambert, "She Keeps Me Warm"

The amazingly talented Mary Lambert took the hook from the LGBTQ-friendly "Same Love" she sang on for Macklemore and expanded it into a rollicking tribute to how her own girlfriend makes her feel. The line "She says that people stare 'cause we look so good together" is both empowering and inspirational, like smiling through the tears that will absolutely fall when you listen.

4. Tegan and Sara, "Closer"

This electro-tinged anthem is all about getting "closer,” whether it’s physically or emotionally. It's appropriate for busting out sweet moves on the dance floor or romancing that special someone. Plus, it’s Tegan and Sara. Come on.

5. Bikini Kill, "Rebel Girl"

Bikini Kill sings about "that girl" who "thinks she's the queen of the neighborhood," simultaneously wanting to be her best friend and wanting to take her home. This punky bop is a driving beat that'll get anyone revved up about that amazing rebel girl who holds her head up so high.

6. Rihanna, "Te Amo"

LGBTQ ally Rihanna weaves a spicy Spanish-tinged tale about a woman who realizes she's falling in love with RiRi herself as Rihanna struggles to come to grips with letting the other woman down. It's a saucy tale of unrequited love with an even sexier video.

7. Halsey feat. Lauren Jauregui, "Strangers"

Halsey and Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui team up for a duet between two women who take on respective roles as Romeo and Juliet, reminiscing on their feelings for each other after their first meeting at a "crazy house party." Halsey has stated it's the first song she had written where she chose to use explicitly female pronouns.

8. Hayley Kiyoko, "Girls Like Girls"

Hayley Kiyoko's wistful yet upbeat anthem to girls liking girls "like boys do" is a comforting reminder that crushing on women is totally fine and totally expected. Just like guys do. It's like snuggling into a big, warm blanket with your own significant other.

9. Studio Killers, "Jenny"

The titular Jenny is the narrator's best friend, but it's a friendship where one side clearly desires more than the other. "I wanna ruin our friendship," Cherry sings, explaining, "We should be lovers instead." The attraction is a fierce one.

10. The Butchies, "She's So Lovely"

The Butchies are able to communicate the exact feeling when you know you love every single thing there is about your partner, from head to toe. "She's so lovely, yeah," the song goes about a woman who's a "rocker dressed like a killer."

11. Boyskout, "Back to Bed"

This rollicking riot grrl rocker finds Boyskout pleads with her lover to "come back to bed," attesting that "I'll make you feel so good." Who could resist that kind of invitation? It’s a sexy groove you’ll want to play for your own Romeo or Juliet.

12. Le Tigre, "Viz"

Le Tigre's love letter to butch lesbian visibility may be primarily about a crazy night out in a club, but it's also a martini glass-clink to said lesbians and all their flirtatious advances in that same night. The band's unique brand of electropop is always welcome in these situations.

13. Jill Sobule, "I Kissed a Girl"

This isn't Katy Perry's ode to cherry Chapsticked lips. Instead, it's a lament about a women mired in a heterosexual relationship that appears to be going nowhere. Kissing a girl changes everything for her, as it often does. “I may do it again,” she teases.

14. k.d. lang - "Constant Craving"

Canadian icon k.d. lang may not actually remember what she was "craving" with this 1992 classic, but as she’s a champion of gay rights it's not difficult to see this tune as a yearning for her lover. The universal feeling of loving and longing is something everyone can get behind.

15. Sophie B. Hawkins, "Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover"

The debut single from Sophie B. Hawkins is a classic tale of longing for someone who's trapped in another, potentially abusive relationship and wanting to sweep them up and treat them right. In this case it appears that Hawkins is referencing a woman who she wishes she could ease the pain for, and "rock 'til the daylight comes."

16. Veruca Salt, "Victrola"

This punky girl group may be named after the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory brat, but this love song is anything but sour. "You're my sweet dear, Victrola." Short and oh-so-sweet, just like Wonka's candies.

17. The Internet feat. KAYTRANADA, "Girl'

Syd, previously known as Syd tha Kid, left rap collective Odd Future to strike out on her own with The Internet, and her voice is smooth velvet on "Girl." Asking her lover if she'll call her "girlfriend, my girlfriend," she proclaims her love for the woman of her dreams. "Tell 'em you're my girl," Syd breathes over dreamy beats.

18. Zedd feat. Julia Michaels, "Daisy"

Julia Michaels brings this Zedd track to life as she sings about a love named Daisy, pleading with her to let her show her "how a kiss should taste." It's as uplifting as it is yearning: "I would love you if you let me," Michaels croons.

19. Team Dresch, "She's Amazing"

This grungy rocker from '95 finds Team Dresch lauding a woman who's "amazing," whose words save the singer. Fuzzy guitars and a crunchy Nirvana-like vibe bring this exaltation about a very special love to life.

20. t.A.T.u., "All The Things She Said"

Though the relationship between t.A.T.u.'s Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina may have been manufactured, the sentiments in this pop essential can accurately reflect the roadblocks some lesbian and queer couples may have experienced when coming out to friends and family. Plus, it's a bop, even in its original Russian form.

21. Demi Lovato, "Cool for the Summer"

Demi's breezy and sultry summer single slayed, and it's pretty "cool" that she's a little curious. This is a jam for anyone who's also got a "taste for the cherry" and could be experimenting with a lesbian relationship, or a summer fling.

22. Melissa Ferrick, "Drive" (Live)

The live version of Melissa Ferrick's steamy "Drive" is even sexier than the studio version. Ferrick growls that she'll give you anything you want, but you've got to ask her. We're sweating just thinking about it.

23. Beatrice Eli, "Girls"

Eli's relatable tune tells the tale of a woman who continues to see pretty girls everywhere she goes, even when she's getting intimate with her lover. It's a thrilling ride through her thoughts as she realizes she's definitely into women.

24. Jen Foster, "She"

Jen Foster's gossamer pipes spin a love letter so touching you'll want to print it out and frame it as a gift for your partner. With lines like "I'm telling you she means everything to me" and "She makes me feel like nothing else matters," it's easy to see why this is a choice tune for weddings and just chilling out with the person you love most in the world.

25. Zolita, "Explosion"

Zolita explores the transformation of two best friends into ravenous lovers in "Explosion," which should cause its own out on the dance floor.

26. BETS, "Jenny”

This international love song finds BETS' lead singer pining over a woman named Jenny, the center of a "Parisian love affair" who seems to be at the crossroads of two different relationships.

27. Elektra, "I Don't Do Boys"

Elektra's sizzling piece about preferring women to men is littered with sexual lyrics and cheeky invitations, while the group is careful to warn that they "don't do boys."

28. Rituals of Mine, "Ride or Die" 

The sentiment of wanting someone who's "ride or die," or there for you no matter what, to the extreme, isn't anything new -- but this ambient rap track finds vocalist Terra Lopez longing for that woman who's going to be there even when the world has gone to hell.

29. Indigo Girls, "Power of Two" 

Everything about this breezy tune from '95 weaves a beautiful love story that celebrates relationships of all kinds in the scope of the LGBTQ community and beyond. "Adding up the total of a love that's true/ Multiply life by the power of two" are lyrics that will no doubt send you running straight into your girlfriend's arms. 

30. Melissa Etheridge, "Come to My Window"

Etheridge's first single following her coming out of the closet deals with several themes, much of which relates to her current girlfriend at the time and how they'd deal with communication, according to the singer herself. It's since been heralded as a lesbian and queer anthem.

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