This Week's Gay Agenda: A Drag Babadook Music Video, Connor Franta, Parson James & Betty Who

Gay Agenda is a new column for Billboard Pride where we run down five fab things just in time for the weekend. Between new tracks, music videos and pop culture moments, we want our readers to be prepared for boozy brunch conversation.

For this week's edition, we have a dragged up Babadook music video, a Kate McKinnon look-alike and more.

1. Kate McKinnon's Doppelganger Wants To Get Naked (But Doesn't)

The resemblance between the buzzworthy Dagny and the SNL star is uncanny -- and the Norwegian pop singer seems just as cool. Her latest visual for track "Wearing Nothing" is eye candy -- but in a song that chants "When I'm with you I feel like wearing nothing" several times, you might be surprised there's no nudity. Still, her on-screen lovers are cute as heck -- even with their clothes on.

2. Poolside Playlist Must-Have

DJ Hook N Sling has teamed up with two of our favs, Parson James and Betty Who. Parsons' velvety voice complements Miss Who's bubbly delivery on this dreamy song, tailor made for a lazy day by the pool.

3. Get 'Babashook'

The real star of this year's Pride Month was Babadook. After a Netflix snafu, the horror film showed up on the Gay & Lesbian home screen and the latest gay icon was born. We're honestly surprised it took this long, but here's the inevitable drag queen music video to celebrate our new hero, created by New Jersey spook Pissi Myles. "I think queer people have always identified with the isolation and power of the monster or villain in a horror movie, especially when they’re as fabulous as Babadook or Ursula the Sea Witch."

4. Connor Franta: Photographer, Activist, Curator

Just in time for Fourth of July weekend, trendsetter Connor Franta is releasing his seventh compilation through HeardWell, Common Culture Vol. VII. This mix features twelve of Connor’s favorite emerging pop, electronic and alternative artists from all around the world, including tracks by The KnocksElin Bergman and Harrison Brome. "We've been blessed with dope, new music left and right this year," Franta said. "On this compilation, you'll find some of my favorite songs that deserve a far brighter spotlight." The compliation is available for pre-sale through HeardWell, and Connor will be chattingabout it on Heard Well Radio today (June 30) at 4pm PST.

5. Feeling Vulnerable?

Our new crush Sakima produced this glorious track by Welsh R&B singer Marged, which celebrates female vulnerability: “I was a tired of the mainstream media telling me that feminism was about being independent and strong at all times," said Marged. "I wanted to write a song for us normal women who get sad about boys, who worry about their bank account and worry that they're not good enough."

Gay Pride Month 2017