FAULKNER's Dimitri Farougias: Love Letter to the LGBTQ Community

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Dimitri Farougias, Eric Scullin, Christian Hogan and Lucas Asher of Faulkner

For Gay Pride Month, Billboard asked numerous pop culture luminaries to write 'love letters' to the LGBTQ community. Below, FAULKNER bassist Dimitri Farougias shares his. Read more Pride Month love letters here.

I grew up in a small town where patriarchy and religion cast a large dark shadow over all things sex. 

Parents, teachers and priests all hammered the idea of a "traditional" marriage between a man and a woman is the only way of life and that anything else was an abomination.

When the kids at school and in my neighborhood picked on and bullied one gay boy that had the courage to be himself I inherently knew it was wrong, but I did not intervene in fear of being ostracized and left out of a larger group. I was a coward. Some time later in my adolescence when the owner of the neighborhood video store would be showered with obscenities and homophobic slurs by his own customers I remained a silent fool.

It was right after high school when I moved to Los Angeles that I first witnessed love and acceptance to a degree I never had before for every creed, color, and sexual preference and I embraced it wholeheartedly.  

To every kid out there reading this, if you are a witness to abusive behavior and feel the same itch I did to say or do something don't repeat my mistake. Speak up! Act! Don't be afraid to call people out on their idiocy. There are so many platforms available to do so. 

To all our LGBTQ brothers and sisters; you’ve shown us and the entire world a level of courage, strength, and pride second to none. Against all biases, against all odds, you are still fighting and you are winning. We stand by you.

Gay Pride Month 2017