Lady Bunny: Letter to the LGBTQ Community

Lady Bunny
Jeff Eason

Lady Bunny

For Gay Pride Month, Billboard asked numerous pop culture luminaries to write 'love letters' to the LGBTQ community. Below, nightclub DJ and drag icon Lady Bunny shares hers. Read more Pride Month love letters here.

The gay agenda has centered on securing LGBT equal rights, which of course we deserve. Slogans like "Love Is Love" seek to show that gay love is not second to the love felt by straights. While I agree with that, there are some characteristics of the gay community which are unique to us, and those should be celebrated. For example, I once went to DJ at a club a few days after New Year's Eve and noticed that the bouncers were all banged up with bandages, casts and bruises. I asked, "What on earth happened?" and they told me there had been a brawl. 

Of course, on paper I know what a brawl is -- it's when a fight starts and others join in. Call me a sissy, but when I see a fight, the last thing I want to do is join them. I'm more likely to leave the club, cross the street or whatever. That's a trait I think I share with most LGBT people. Many of us have experienced bullying and/or violence ourselves so we tend to frown on it. We typically don't see physical harm as entertainment when it happens to others. We certainly don't jump in. That's a tendency in my community which makes us seem more evolved in that respect. And after scratching my head over that New Year's Eve brawl, I felt very proud of a community which is less prone to acting on herd instincts which propel us towards fighting. 

We're also pretty damn good at theater, writing, activism, nursing, cooking, styling, dancing and throwing parties! We have a lot going on in spite of the struggles we've faced.

Gay Pride Month 2017


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