Willa Ford: Love Letter to the LGBTQ Community

Willa Ford
Josh Williams

Willa Ford

For Gay Pride Month, Billboard asked numerous pop culture luminaries to write 'love letters' to the LGBTQ community. Below, pop singer Willa Ford shares hers. Read more Pride Month love letters here.

Pride. It's a funny word isn't it? It can mean so many different things. 

Pride the thing we show that unites us. Yet pride is also the thing that separates us. We have this duty, this obligation to show our pride as a diverse, loving and tolerant group who simply believes one thing: love is love! What I find so ironic is I believe that it's also pride that holds us back. It can be the thing that keeps us from understanding others. It can also be the thing that keeps us from growing.

I personally have been so loved and lifted by dear LGBT friends since high school and throughout my career. I've watched so many of these friends finally become the men and woman they were meant to be by taking off the mask and excepting and loving themselves. I stand this month and every day, with all of you. I stand for those who are yet able to stand because of fear. I believe we must educate and love those who have yet to understand the true impact of this wonderful community. Love yourself. Love others. Love those against you.

Love wins.

Gay Pride Month 2017