Jay Som Shares Her 5 Favorite Tegan and Sara Songs

Pamela Littky
Tegan and Sara

For Pride Month, indie singer-songwriter Jay Som -- whose Everybody Works is one of our Best Albums of 2017 So Far -- details her five favorite tracks from iconic queer duo Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara were an essential part of my formative baby lesbian years -- their lyrics, style, hair etc. + the community they built throughout their career is incredible and so iconic. The first time I ever saw or heard of them was on that one episode of The L Word where Dana takes acid and of course I instantly became a devoted fan of their prolific discography. There's a special and important weight within their songwriting and they hold such a great importance in my soul. Needless to say, picking my fave top 5 songs was very difficult. 

"The Con"

This is my ultimate super favorite T&S song forever. First of all, The Con is one of the sickest albums of ALL time. Every single line on this track is lyrical gold - "I'm capsized, erring on the edge of safe." It's a very genuine portrayal of losing control and liking it. Also, I love how the chord progression and their vocals match perfectly - driving and passionate. 

"I Can't Take It"

It took me a hot sec to get into So Jealous until I stumbled upon a cover done by Patty C on YouTube. I guess it was one of those classic moments where you dig a cover first to realize the beauty of the original. Another strong example of their firm grasp on melody. The guitars at the 2:38 mark into the end section of the song is one of my favorite musical moments.


This is objectively their belter track - the one where you sing at the top of your lungs with your friends or by yourself in your car. I feel very connected to the subject matter of this song, the inevitability of pain from the past and present is always crushing and insane. Also this track has the hottest drum part ever, truly incredible. 


I was really into their switch to more pop-oriented tunes following The Con. Their stories of the emotional labor put into love/relationships + their continued musical maturity are what make Sainthood so special. The music video for this track is SO good and so cute. Also, every time I hear this song I am instantly transported to the first time I had food poisoning - the song was on constant repeat as it helped me through that dark and miserable time.


This is a straight jam because it's basically electronic/French house and T&S, what an incredible pair. Pure pop that is also so gay and relatable. This track just showcases their ability to retain their quality in writing while branching out to different soundscapes. I almost crashed my car listening to this song once!

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