Ice Cube Again Defends Working With Donald Trump on Platinum Plan: 'I'm Not Playing Politics'

Ice Cube
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 Ice Cube visits the "Sway in the Morning" show with Sway Calloway on Shade 45 at SiriusXM Studios on Dec. 7, 2018 in New York City. 

Ice Cube is trying to set the record straight once more. The rapper, named Fox News Sunday's Power Player of the Week, chatted with Chris Wallace on Oct. 25 about working with President Donald Trump on the administration's Platinum Plan, which aims to invest $500 million into Black communities.

"We make up 13 percent of the country, and we're only getting .5 percent of the wealth in the country," Cube told Wallace before explaining why he's working with Trump, who has defended Confederate symbols and failed to denounce white supremacy during the first presidential debate. "They listened, heard what I had to say, pumped up their plan and presented it to the people."

When Wallace suggested that people have called the N.W.A rapper a "sellout" for working with this president, Cube denied it. "I've told everybody that I'm not playing politics with this," said the rapper, who prior to the Platinum Plan was working on his own Contract With Black America, a pledge for politicians right the wrongs of the past via prison reform, bank lending, and more. "I'm willing to meet with anybody who could bring this to life and make it a reality."

The Fox News anchor also asked what the artist would do to "push the system" over the next four years, regardless of who'll be sitting in the White House. "Find pressure points. That's the only way you can push," Cube replied. "My daddy told me a long time ago, 'No matter who's the president, you gotta get up to go to work in the morning,' and I always remember that. So no matter who's the president, I'm gonna get up and go to work in the morning."

The rapper did share on Twitter in mid-October that the Biden-Harris campaign was interested in meeting with him regarding Contract With Black America, but not until after the election. He defended himself at the time, tweeting on Oct. 15: "When we created the Contract With Black America we excepted to talk to both sides of the isle. Talking truth to power is part of the process."

Watch Ice Cube's segment with Chris Wallace below:

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