Taylor Swift, Faith Hill, Meek Mill, K. Flay and Many More Remind You to Register to Vote

Today (Sept. 24) is National Voter Registration Day and celebs want to remind you to make sure you stand up fulfill your civic responsibility.

It's the 8th annual nonpartisan national day to celebrate our democracy on the fourth Tuesday of September, first observed in 2012 in an effort to help the millions of Americans who find out they're unable to vote because they didn't update their registration, missed a registration deadline or don't know how to get registered.

Among the A-listers posting reminders to stand up and be counted: Taylor Swift, Meek Mill, Faith Hill, Ryan Reynolds, Panic! at the Disco and Walk the Moon. (See their tweets below).

In addition to the thousands of volunteers who are hitting the streets all over the country today to create awareness about registering in an effort to register more than 250,000 eligible voters for the first time, more than 4,000 non-profit organizations nationwide are pitching in as well to get the word out. "States, counties and cities across the nation are having elections this year with more than 35,000 seats up for grabs, yet there remains an alarming number of people unable to vote due to lack of proper registration," said Patrick Sweeney, political director at EveryLibrary, one of the key national partners behind the holiday in a statement. "To compound the problem, more than 60% of unregistered voters say they were never asked to register, which makes initiatives such as National Voter Registration Day of critical importance." 

Why is it so important to register in the lead-up to next year's presidential and congressional elections? According to a recent Brennan Center analysis, at least 17 million voters were purged from voting rolls nationwide between 2016 and 2018, with counties with a history of voter discrimination continuing to purge people from the rolls at high rates. Visit this site to find out where National Voter Registration Day events are in your area.

Text "CHECK" to 504-09 to find out if you're registered, and see some of the celeb messages below.