Former 'Dragon Ball Z' Composer Nathan Johnson Elected to Texas State Senate

Dragon Ball Z
Cartoon Network/ Courtesy: Everett Collection

Dragon Ball Z

Nathan Johnson just scored himself a seat in the Texas State Senate. But far before he was dealing policy, Johnson was creating music for the popular Japanese anime television series Dragon Ball Z.

The 50-year-old Democrat nominee was the owner of a music production business, where all his edgy battle tunes and interludes were born. He won 54% of the votes, beating out incumbent Republican Don Huffines. Johnson graduated magna cum laude from the University of Arizona with a degree in physics before earning a law degree from the University of Texas at Austin according to his resume, while also volunteering for victims of domestic violence in college.

“I’m feeling really excited about going to Austin with a much better legislative environment,” Johnson told The Texas Tribune. “Everything we tried to do and hope would happen, happened. We had a surge of turnout in disillusioned Democrats and success with winning moderate Republicans. I think that’s what put us over.”

Listen to one of his music compositions below.