Late-Night Hosts Slam Trump's 'Both Sides' Press Conference

Timothy Kuratek/CBS 
Stephen Colbert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Late-night hosts took President Trump to task for his televised address on Tuesday about the clashes in Charlottesville over the weekend, during which the president appeared to backtrack on his Monday statement on the deadly rally, again placing blame for the violence on "both sides."

After failing to call out the hate groups of the rally by name over the weekend, Trump did denounce the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists on Monday as "repugnant" and "criminals and thugs." On Tuesday, however, he fired off a series of questionable tweets and retweets, which he later deleted before his press conference later in the day.

"What about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say, the alt-right? Do they have any semblance of guilt? ... I think they do," he also said during the address, which was supposed to focus on his efforts to enact infrastructure reform.

Stephen Colbert, who, according to The Late Show executive producer Chris Licht, had his monologue scrapped last minute to cover Trump's comments instead, joked, "Even though many criticized how long it took, the president knew the right thing to do was make a statement on Monday, be clear about who was to blame and then move on to the people’s business. Just kidding. He held a press conference today in what I believe was the seventh circle of Hell."

During Trump's press conference, the president also slammed the media, saying, "If the press were not fake and were honest, the press would have said what I said was very nice." Colbert, in response, fired back with, "And if you were a better president, you would have said something very nice."

And, with regards to Trump's defense of his "both sides" comment — in which he said, "I think there's blame on both sides and I have no doubt about it, and you don't have any doubt about it either" — Colbert just had one thing to say. "The only thing I'm doubting right now, is if you're still going to be president by Friday."

Over on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host made it clear Trump's comments happened just moments before they began filming. 

"President Donald Trump held a press conference right before we started taping, which means it's time for ‘Breaking Crazy,’“ Meyers said, before going on to describe Trump's presser as "clinically insane."

"Normally when someone is talking that level of crazy, Batman crashes through the ceiling and punches him," quipped Meyers.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon taped before the president's press conference.

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