Snoop Dogg Joins the Ranks of Eminem, Madonna & More With Presidential Parody Music Video

Mocking the president is a time-honored tradition. Snoop Dogg hopped into the game Sunday with his new Donald Trump-trashing "Lavender" collabo with BADBADNOTGOOD, which puts him in league with Eminem, Madonna, Green Day, Genesis, "Weird Al" Yancovic and Frankie Goes to Hollywood in taking their frustrations out on whoever happens to live in the White House at any given time.

While Snoop's takedown pulls zero punches -- literally picturing a world where every American has been turned into a circus performer, referring to Trump as Ronald "President Evil" Klump and staging a clowny mock execution -- he's in good company when it comes to making fun of, and taking shots at, the president.

Check out some of our other favorites below:

Green Day, "Troubled Times" (2017)
The boys form Berkeley have never been shy about their politics, and in this lyric vid they mixed historical imagery with protest calls-to-action and a classic recurring image of Trump's golden hair on fire.

YG & Nipsey Hussle, "FDT (F--k Donald Trump)" (2016)
YG and Nipsey got shut down when they took to the streets of South Central for this middle-finger-flying statement on how they felt about the then-potential president, including a snippet of The Donald's oft-repeated promise to build a border wall.

Black Trump, "They Love Me" (2016)
The Daily Show went there with Roy Wood Jr. putting on a Trump wig, MAGA hat and extra long tie for a song about how much everyone loves the D... using all real Trump quotes.

"Weird Al" Yankovic, "Bad Hombres, Nasty Women" (2016)
The classic song parodist Auto-Tuned Trump and Hillary Clinton by sending up their most outrageous (and boring) stump speeches.

Kanye West, "Famous" (2016)
Yeezus' controversial art project included former Republican president George W. Bush among the naked celebs in his bizarre, NSFW video. The only response? A rep for Bush said the former president is "in much better shape" than 'Ye depicted him.

Alphacat, "Back to Back" (2015)
The Obama impersonator took hard shots at future president Trump in this spoof of Drake's Meek Mill takedown.

Eminem, "Mosh" (2004)
Slim Shady was not happy about George W.'s wars in the Middle East, as evidenced by this animated clip in which he built a wall of hate covered with clips about Bush's actions. That giant hunting knife in the painter-in-chief's head says it all.

Madonna, "American Life" (2003)
The uncensored version of Madonna's militaristic electro-pop Bush takedown managed to get her anti-war message across loud and clear by focusing on badass female soldiers, her annihilation of a fashion show and a scene at the end where she tosses a hand grenade to a Bush impostor, who gleefully lights a cigar with it.

Eminem, "My Name Is" (1999)
Among the many people Marshall Mathers imitates in one of his most iconic clips is then-President Bill Clinton.

Genesis, "Land of Confusion" (1986)
The British trio famously mocked Ronald Reagan (and reviled British P.M. Margaret Thatcher) in this heavy-rotation MTV video featuring grotesque puppets from the Spitting Image TV series.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood, "Two Tribes" (1984)
In another early MTV staple, the British dance band depicted Reagan and then-Soviet leader Konstantin Chernenko facing off in a Fight Club-style wrestling match for a crowd of bloodthirsty onlookers.