Sen. Tim Kaine Dubs Himself 'Lil Kaine' on Radio Show

Tim Kaine plays harmonica
Courtesy of NBC News

Tim Kaine plays harmonica following a campaign stop in North Carolina.

Hillary Clinton's running-mate Tim Kaine has collected a slew of nicknames since he accepted the Democratic vice presidential nomination back in July. He's been dubbed Tim Kaine, the Harmonica player and Tim Kaine, the goofy dad, but Kaine has now created his own nickname for himself: "Lil Kaine". 

Sen. Kaine appeared on the No Limit Larry and the Morning Madhouse radio show on Weds. (Oct. 12) after the hosts finished playing a song from Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne. "They call me Lil Kaine, not Lil Wayne," the Dem. VP candidate said to the after his introduction. Even though he joked about his new nickname, Tim Kaine revealed that he does in fact listen to artists like The Isley Brothers, Gnarls Barkley, and Sly and the Family Stone during his campaign tour. 

No word on whether or not he's a Future Islands fan yet. Listen to Tim Kaine's full interview here