Caroline Rose Shares 'Music to Dance To in Quarantine' Playlist

Caroline Rose
Kayl Cooper

Caroline Rose

Caroline Rose crafts distinct dance-pop that moves to the beat of its own drum, which means her “Music to Dance To in Quarantine” playlist will come in handy now that we’re all primed to be dancing on our own for the foreseeable future.

On her latest album Superstar, Rose goes all-in on the glittery, synth elements that previously hung around the fringes of her formative indie rock sound. Its cohesion of retro and forward-thinking aesthetics showcase her singular talents while moving at the brisk pace of a veteran DJ set.

Fittingly, her quarantine playlist features the old, new and, in some cases, the old reinterpreted by the new, but will most certainly help to to shake those self-isolation blues.

Check out Caroline Rose’s quarantine playlist below, provided exclusively to Billboard, along with her breakdown of her selections.

Chaka Khan, “Like Sugar”
“This is my favorite song right now. I love that Chaka has been queen for so long and is still putting out absolutely crushing music. The production and sonics of this track are my favorite thing in a long time. Also the video by Kim Gehrig is as infectious as the music.”

Altin Gün, “Tatlı Dile Güler Yüze”
“Our Dutch tour manager introduced us to this band. They're Turkish but live in Amsterdam and have been really nailing this sound of old, new, international, etc. It's very infectious music to clean the house to.”

Khruangbin, “People Everywhere (Still Alive)”
“I've been hearing about this band for so long but hadn't really given it a good listen until now, and it definitely lands a solid place on this playlist.”

Gil Scott-Heron & Makaya McCraven, “Running”
“This record is the latest reimagining of Gil Scott-Heron's work and it's really, really good. I can't stop listening to it.”

Googoosh, “Makhlough”
“I can't remember how I heard about Googoosh but she is basically Persian pop royalty. I love the sound of Middle Eastern scales. I feel like when they're combined with Western scales it makes for really interesting sounds.”

Jorge Ben Jor, “Ponta De Lança Africano”
“Jorge is also a legend but I first heard this song on a compilation record of Brazilian music, collected by David Byrne of all people, called Beleza Tropical. I love the energy of the song, it’s nice to move to but also listen to while sitting on the porch drinking a cocktail.”

Monster Rally, “Capt. Koyake”
“I think I discovered this track from Four Tet radio. When I put this track on I feel like it’s ok to just let time pass me by.”

Nancy Sinatra, “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’”
“Classic ‘don’t f--- with me’ song.”

Fela Kuti, “Alu Jon Jonki Jon”
“Aw man, I could listen to Fela Kuti all day. The technical polyrhythms and infectious beats totally hypnotize me.”

Sun Ra, “Door To The Cosmos”
“I was lucky enough to see Sun Ra Arkestra when my girlfriend and I were in Amsterdam last year. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and probably ever will. A real bucket list show in a very cool, weird venue we had to take a ferry to get to. I’m pretty sure it was called ‘Sexyland.’”

Al Green, “Tired of Being Alone”
“A good song to end on. I think all of us are going to feel this way at the end of what could be quite a long quarantine. Sometimes you can be surrounded by people, or with your partner and still feel lonely. Loneliness shows no mercy.”

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