Takeover Tuesday: Jukebox The Ghost Channel Summer Camp With a Playlist of Their Past Tour Mates

Jukebox the Ghost
Shervin Lainez

Jukebox the Ghost

Welcome back to Takeover Tuesday, where each week Billboard taps chart-topping artists and taste-makers to compile their very own playlist exclusive to Billboard's Spotify account. We give the artists free reign to base the list on whatever subject they choose. The only rule? Make it as creative and unique to them as possible.

Jukebox The Ghost just took the stage at Napa Valley’s BottleRock Music Festival over Memorial Day weekend, and the power-pop trio is looking ahead to more festival appearances this summer. For Takeover Tuesday, though, the band reflected on their past tours and the artists they’ve shared the stage with to make a playlist reminiscent of summer camp.

"We have been touring for over ten years and have been fortunate enough to play with some really spectacular artists," the guys tell Billboard. "Tour is like summer camp -- in just a few weeks on the road you form lifelong friendships and connections.  So here are some of our favorite songs from some of our favorite touring partners from over the years."

Jukebox The Ghost's playlist brings together 15 of their tour mates throughout the years, like Takeover Tuesday alums COIN. The Nashville band's summery jam "Talk Too Much" is in good company with indie-pop tracks "Bullfighter Jacket" by Miniature Tigers and "Reservoir" by Via Audio. 

The playlist is also full of lively pop and folk tunes that would be perfect for singing around a campfire. Think handclaps, jangly guitars, and anthemic choruses, in songs such as "Girls Chase Boys" by Ingrid Michaelson and Ben Folds’ "Zak and Sara." These tracks also channel a spirit of youth in the same way that Guster’s "Do You Love Me" and "17" by The Greeting Committee do. 

A camp sing-along wouldn’t be complete without a whistling tune and Twin Forks’ "Cross My Mind" fulfills the requirement. Tongue-twisting songs like "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies are also crowd pleasers, as they establish a feeling of camaraderie among everyone competing to get through the lyrics -- a perfect activity for summer camp.

Check out JTG's Takeover Tuesday playlist below.