Frank Ocean, Blink-182, G-Eazy & More Are Spotify Editors' Picks For New Music Friday

‚ÄčEvery week, Spotify updates their "New Music Friday" playlist, featuring 50 of the freshest new tracks hitting the service that week.

On the heels of Billboard's partnership with the streaming giant, we'll be tapping Spotify's editors to sift through the soon-to-be-hits and highlight the best of the bunch.

Check out the picks and listen to the entire "New Music Friday" playlist below.

Blink 182 - "Parking Lot"

A lot has changed since the pop-punk veterans fondly known as Blink-182 first laced up their Chuck Taylor high tops, turned the volume all the way up and recorded their first low-fi demos in the early '90s. Fast forward through two decades worth of heavily touring, releasing six studio albums and re-emerging years after an "indefinite hiatus," and it's undeniable the group has since gone on to solidify its legacy as one of the most influential punk bands of all time. Although the group has come a long way since it's humble beginnings in San Diego and has overcome several transitions, their ability to compose new music without abandoning their own distinctive and infectious brand of pop-punk remains expertly iconic, as exemplified time and time again throughout the years. After founding member Tom DeLonge left the group in 2015 and Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba later assumed the role of lead vocalist/guitarist, the trio prepared their official comeback album last year, unleashing California, a 16-track project that went on to become the group's second No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 and their first in 15 years. In addition to snagging those impressive accolades, the album's lead single "Bored to Death" helped land the trio their first No. 1 single in a dozen years. Building off of that momentum, Blink-182 this week announced they will be releasing a deluxe edition of 2016's California on May 19. To sweeten the deal, the trio also released their latest angst-filled and guitar-packed offering, "Parking Lot," an ode to drinking on trains, spending the good ole' days loitering and navigating how suburbia and nostalgia somehow can go hand-in-hand at times, all while paying homage to the Violent Femmes and the Smiths. According to Blink-182 themselves, "Parking Lot" will be joined by 11 other brand new tracks, as well as an acoustic version of "Bored to Death." Yup, much like the band is calling it, this deluxe album just might save mankind after all.

Frank Ocean - "Chanel"

Frank Ocean surprised his ever-growing fan base this week, by way of releasing a new single that is both a thrilling glimpse inside his animated and stimulated mind and another strong addition to his hypnotic catalog. The contemplative track, "Chanel," marks his first solo release since last summer's Blonde and Endless, arriving just weeks after the R&B singer lent his talents to Calvin Harris, alongside Migos, for their beyond well-received collaboration, "Slide." As Ocean continues to explore themes of duality, something he has frequently pondered and played with throughout his storied career, he travels mystically through the lyrical ground he covers, comfortably existing somewhere between questioning a lucid dream and trying to accept the at-times uncertain reality that comes with his status as a celebrity. While he touches on his fluid sexuality, the danger that comes with abusing lean, the desire for acceptance, the temptations behind new money and sharing the wealth, Ocean appears to be both lost and found at the same time, adding to the song's intoxicating nature. With his wit as sharp as ever, he manages to subtly shout out Cam'Ron, reference a 21 Savage meme and even find a way to make a Walkman relevant in the year 2017. As he croons on the auto-tuned chorus, "I see both sides like Chanel, see on both sides like Chanel," he helps set the framework for what some are saying is his most dualistic work to date. Interestingly enough, what may have initially been a simple nod to the luxury fashion house ended up making its way into the iconic brand's own hands as well, with Chanel incorporating his lyrics into their own marketing campaign and igniting all sorts of rumors that Ocean will be collaborating with the legendary French company in a more substantial way. After all, the mysterious recording artist himself can be the first to remind us, weirder things have happened.

G-Eazy & Kehlani - "Good Life"

G-Eazy and Kehlani's recent collaboration shouldn't come off as too much of a surprise pairing, especially considering both artists hail from the Bay Area and have joined forces musically in the past, such as with 2015's "Everything Will Be OK." Their second time linking on a track doubles as a bit of a victory lap, with both celebrating their continuous glo-up and toasting to what lies ahead. As each incessantly develop their own burgeoning careers with passion and gratitude, the fact that their latest song is featured on the Fate and the Furious' official soundtrack further proves that the West Coast artists respectably have come a long way since their mutually humble beginnings. The track "Good Life" embodies its title, with Kehlani offering her talents on the hook while G-Eazy details his recent accomplishments, such as telling his "moms not to stress no more / Go hit the Bentley store and credit card debts no more." For the eighth installment of the acclaimed film franchise and its accompanying soundtrack, both of which are slated to drop on April 14, G-Eazy and Kehlani are joined by a who's-who array of artists, including the likes of Pitbull, Wiz Khalifa, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, Migos, Lil Yachty and more. As Kehlani sings, "Raise a cup up for all my day ones / Two middle fingers for the haters / Life’s only getting greater," one can only imagine what scene these unapologetic declarations are going to soundtrack. While many say the best revenge is living well, G-Eazy and Kehlani are living proof, and much like the inevitable banger suggests, they've got the paper to prove it.

Linkin Park - "Battle Symphony"

Linkin Park today returns to our New Music Friday playlist once again, unveiling another single from their forthcoming seventh studio album, One More Light. While the group's lead single "Heavy" leans more towards pop than it does their signature rock sound, the follow-up single "Battle Symphony" sounds a bit closer to what fans associate Linkin Park with, but is still following in the new direction the band promised majority of the new album would go in. As fans open up to their evolving sound, a recent experiment further proved that when it comes to Linkin Park, one of the biggest bands in the world, their songwriting and musicianship cannot be denied. For the experiment, teenagers of today listened to the band's new material without being told who created it beforehand, with many surprised to learn Linkin Park was behind what they just rocked out to, especially considering some of the work that carried the group into legendary status is at the opposite end of the spectrum compared to their new material. However, as "Battle Symphony" further proves, a great song is a great song even if the band's diehard fans may still be less than open to their newfound style. The song is a mid-tempo anthem that features lead vocalist Chester Bennington belting out an encouraging story of perseverance almost guaranteed to get listeners to sing along by the second listen. With Linkin Park's new era set to begin on May 19, there's a strong chance this uplifting tune may get stuck in your head until the album officially arrives.

Mansionz - "Dennis Rodman" featuring Dennis Rodman

While there are over two dozen tributes to Dennis Rodman currently available on Spotify, arguably more than enough to make a meaty playlist that could potentially even feature artists such as Migos and Crystal Waters, the latest nod to the basketball great curiously enough also features the legend himself. To have a track titled "Dennis Rodman" featuring Dennis Rodman on your discography is truly baller status (literally) and the newcomer duo known as Mansionz can happily say they've achieved such epicness. The duo, comprised of singer-songwriter Mike Posner and producer-singer blackbear, not only has linked up with Dennis Rodman, but the track is as quirky and eccentric as the former NBA player is reputed to be. With bouncy, twangy electric guitar riffs and chirpy percussion leading the way, what was originally written as a poem takes on a new form, with all three blessing the strange-in-the-best-way song and encouraging the confidently vibrant Rodman to "talk yo s**t." The track boasts individuality, both in the melodies and in the lyrics, with the infectious hook stating, "I'm gon' do whatever it is I want to, baby / I'm gon' do whatever it is I feel / I don't care 'bout who's watching / Dennis Rodman." As the lyrics follow such a celebrated and necessary theme of staying true to one's self, green hair and fishnets included, the sassy, not-so-serious song has an undeniable ability to win over even the most hesitant of ears. With the group gaining momentum leading up to the release of their debut album, mansionz greatest hits, due out next Friday (March 24), this song is destined to help the duo captivate new fans and echo Posner's own sentiments with Mansionz truly becoming your new favorite band.